Thursday, August 2, 2018

1N2D cancels filming due to the heatwave

1. [+5098, -25] This is a good decision

2. [+981, -26] I feel like they really made a good decision... When all is said and done, our cast members and staff members' health is the priority ㅎㅎㅎ

3. [+921, -20] 1N2D isn't going on a vacation, they're working for a show in the outdoors, it's a right decision. Not just the cast members but also the production team members, please take care of your health 

4. [+303, -46] It's different from the drama, it's a wise decision

5. [+206, -11] Aigoo it's hot these days, it's a good decision, 1N2D hwaiting~~ ^^

1. [+1158, -74] It's comparable, at a different place - even though their staff member died, they're still filming. 1N2D is the best, as expected, they're the nation's show

2. [+1038, -36] If the heatwave is like this, of course they should definitely take a break on the outdoor shooting, 1N2D production team hwaiting!

3. [+191, -8] Good thinking!!