Monday, August 6, 2018

[Interview Translation] Actor Lee Si Eon reveals that he's moving into a new apartment in December and clarifies 'I Live Alone' isn't scripted

Lee Si Eon expressed his gratitude for the big amount of love 'I Live Alone' receives. He revealed that although Jun Hyun Moo is in charge of being funny and skilled at talking, he's actually pretty shy in real life. He also said that he's not doing anything (on the show). The actor said, "It's all thanks to Hyun Moo hyung, Chairman Jun. All of this was done by Chairman Jun and the members and the production team. I didn't do anything. All I do is daydream while sitting. All I did was fool around and then leave. They're amazing people. It's to the point where I wonder how they gathered people who are funny and good at speaking. I'm different, I'm always shy every week but Hyun Moo hyung is good at catching it. I still get shy when new members come around. When Sung Hoon made an appearance, there was a time where I didn't speak at all. When I was watching the episode, I barely gave reactions. So I called Sung Hoon and he told me, "Why are you worrying about things like that."" 

The actor also revealed that 'I Live Alone' has no script, "There's no script and nothing's set up. There's only order for when Hyun Moo hyung has to MC. Because we talk so much and they can't progress, we have things like cues. When I sometimes read comments, there are comments that brings up scripts but it's really unscripted. When Kian84 and I film something, we don't do things we've never done before. There are times where we take up challenges but it's never us going somewhere for the first time. We always try to go to places we usually go to or we already know of and the production staff pays a lot of attention to that. There's also a lot of hate comments saying the show is scripted. If there was a script, I wouldn't be able to do it."   

1. [+2929, 45] I'm supporting you. We also receive such good healing while watching. I hope you always stay strong~

2. [+2184, -39] Great actor-nim, when you move in, please try to be a bit tidy ㅋㅋㅋ Let's do a housewarming with the Busan hyung-nims (t/n: His best friends from Busan sometimes come out on 'I Live Alone' and the viewers love them)

3. [+2035, -16] I think it's quite desirable that a subscriber is getting a new home (t/n: I'm not quite sure how housing applications work in Korea but according to his interview, he deposited 30,000 won a month for the past 7 years for this apartment's application and his application was selected and he also disclosed that they're finally building it)

4. [+1324, -27] Although he's a celebrity, in the past, he truly showed what a non-celebrity young man in their 30s looks like so that's why a lot of love goes towards actor Lee...^^ I hope only good things come towards his way....^^

5. [+322, -23] I'm a fan of Lee Si Eon-nim. I hope you have a long career~!!