Monday, July 15, 2019

Actor Seo Ji Suk to take over Kang Ji Hwan's role on 'Joseon Survival'

t/n: Here's an article from Soompi that confirmed Seo Ji Suk will be replacing Kang Ji Hwan in 'Joseon Survival'

1. [+5685, -24] First off, it must be quite burdensome and worrisome to go in as someone else's replacement during an emergency! But still, I think he'll do well.

2. [+2120, -22] Seo Ji Suk.. I hope he thrives more with this opportunity.. 

3. [+1413, -20] The ratings are low and this must've been a difficult decision to make... I'll support you~~

4. [+505, -16] You'll do well. I'm supporting you.

5. [+515, -98] Seo Ji Suk.. His acting became awkward so I was sad but... I hope he recovers well