Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Announcer Jung Woo Young calls out BVLGARI for mislabeling a hanbok as a kimono at their Rome exhibition

1. [+3096, -27] It's small and you might just overlook it but he really did a great job. I'm sending you applause.

2. [+1105, -16] If you only read the title, you might think that the announcer mislabeled it. Put a proper title. Even if you shorten it, it should reflect the subject correctly

3. [+682, -8] You can't help but admire announcer Jung Woo Young's patriotism. Labeling a hanbok as a kimono when they're clearly different. This is a big problem. I'm very proud of announcer Jung Woo Young for being able to catch this mistake with his sharp eyes.

4. [+459, -9] Our country's embassies are busy being hostesses and tour guides.

5. [+208, -4] How can this happen.. It's really frustrating, announcer Jung Woo Young did a good thing