Monday, July 29, 2019

[JTBC's Camping Club Roundup] Episode 3

Nationwide ratings for episode 3 that aired on July 28: 4.7% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+4007, -69] You learn to realize the things you couldn't realize when you were younger when you get older.. It seems like even the FinKL members learned to be flexible with their words and actions as they grew older.. It was nice to see them understand and accept each other's differences.. This show is charming!

2. [+3408, -133] This show made me rediscover Ok Joo Hyun~ She silently takes care of the members from the back and she seemed like a mom when she showing concern for them, she's reliable ㅎㅎ I think even during FinKL, whenever they had issues, she probably played the role of the mediator well..
↪ [+301, -7] When Lee Hyori vs. Lee Jin and Sung Yuri weren't seeing each other, Ok Joo Hyun hung out with all of the members. It seems like people called her 'Ok Mom' since a long time ago ㅎㅎ Even her musical team said that she takes care of them like a mom ㅎ She seems to have a lot of that aspect~ 

3. [+1963, -38] At that time, it might feel like it's a huge issue and it's a huge loss and it might feel like you're the only one who suffered a loss and it might be hard but really - when a little bit of time passes by and you look back, you understand a lot of things and you feel sorry and sad and you miss them... All time is like that but even now, we're envious of someone, we dislike someone, and it feels like we live while thinking we're suffering the most - when we look back again, it'll seem like it's nothing...

4. [+819, -21] As expected, time is medicine~ It was nice to see everyone. You have more days to live

5. [+362, -25] Pee, we're going~~ (t/n: Lee Hyori and Lee Jin we're going downhill to clean their portable toilet but they spilled a little bit of their pee LOL)

Original Source (news1 via Naver): 'Camping Club' Lee Hyori "FinKL → After solo, I'm sorry for not thinking about the members" tears

t/n: During the episode, Lee Hyori talked about her solo debut after FinKL, "At first, when I went solo, I was really excited. I was able to do the music I wanted to do, I was able to wear what I wanted to wear, and it was fun because I got to do what I wanted to do. So I think at first, I didn't think about you guys. I felt bad that I didn't think about you guys at that time. I feel bad that you guys were having a tough time during that time". Sung Yuri responded by saying, "During that time, we were all busy trying to settle down. We didn't think about you either because we were busy trying to live".

1. [+2979, -16] When you grow older, the sentiment you have towards people, that you didn't know of, becomes renewed,,

2. [+2435, -63] Women understand that feeling - when you were younger, you would be with them and you would dislike them when you only saw the annoying side but after you grow older and think about it, I think they would've been a person that I wouldn't have forgotten about if I was a bit more understanding... Your emotions get renewed.. But the thing that's hard to close the gap on is a women's friendship

3. [+1132, -31] It's really nice to see them get together like this, I missed them ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+530, -12] Teenagers who were complete strangers.. They put together girls who barely turned 20 and made them work to death.... Imagine how many things happened between them that we don't know about ㅎㅎ Nonetheless, thank you to all four of them for never having a scandal, for still attacking each other's buttholes like always and for being lively. They're as pretty as ever and beautiful, God FinKL!!!!!!!!

5. [+508, -14] ㅠ But still, I like that they got together like this