Friday, July 12, 2019

[Article Translation] Actress Kim Hye Soo has reportedly used most of her assets to pay off her mother's debt

t/n: A couple of days ago, there were reports that reported about Kim Hye Soo and her being involved in #DebtToo as well. An entertainment reporter Kim Dae Oh recently revealed that Kim Hye Soo has found herself in perplexing situations many times because of her mother and that the reports that came out recently didn't tell the whole story. According to Kim Dae Oh, Kim Hye Soo reportedly used almost all of her assets in 2012 to repay her mother's debt. To the general public, a 35 pyeong (105 square meters/1130 square feet) apartment might be big but one time, Kim Hye Soo bought a shappy 35 pyeong apartment in Mapo. It was a time when she kept on repaying her mother's debt. 

According to a report by CBS Radio, Kim Hye Soo's mother has borrowed 1.3 billion won from her acquaintances and hasn't paid it back for many years. According to this report, one of the acquaintances that lent the money to Kim Hye Soo's mother is a current member of the National Assembly. After the report from CBS Radio came out, Kim Hye Soo's reps announced that she doesn't know about that debt and there's no basis for her to take legal responsibility in place of her mother. Her reps also revealed that Kim Hye Soo hasn't been in contact with her mother for 8 years.   

1. [+12233, -116] I think I know the reason why Kim Hye Soo still hasn't gotten married..... I can see how this would interfere and disrupt with the timing of getting married. If you experience something like this, the values you had towards your family would've changed - this is sad.
↪ [+683, -3] Do you think they would give consent for marriage when their meal ticket is going to stop... Maybe they're not all parents just because they give birth to you. 
↪ [+230, -3] The journalists also need to stop~ How much of Kim Hye Soo's family business do they have to expose until they feel relieved? They're seriously too much;;

2. [+12236, -118] The thing that really makes Kim Hye Soo a cool person is that after she paid off her mother's debt and she's in a situation where she has no money, she doesn't film just any commercials and she carefully chose movies and dramas to build up her filmography but after she paid off the debt - the eight projects, excluding one, all exceeded the break-even point and she didn't just select anything just because she was in quick need of money - she's a really cool actress who kept her dignity as an actress. People like her really match the words 'they're elegant'. Being classy is eternal.

3. [+5921, -421] She's done enough of her duty as a child - now meet a guy and live happily
↪ [+723, -162] I get that this is a positive comment but why is the conclusion 'meet a guy' and be happy? Do you have to meet a guy or get married to be happy? Can't you just say "Be happy" ㅋㅋ

4. [+4255, -44] Gosh sometimes your family can be your source of strength but sometimes your family can be worse than strangers

5. [+3052, -114] I really had no idea~ Stay strong! Sometimes you don't have money when you do and have it when you don't. Because Kim Hye Soo-nim is pretty and a top star, I think if she can earn 10 billion won in a moment if she sets her mind to it. I hope she gets back up again after she rearranges things.

6. [+1257, -11] Even when she broke up with Yoo Hae Jin, there were rumors that it was because of Kim Hye Soo's mom. Supposedly, Kim Hye Soo's mom was against all of Kim Hye Soo's marriages. ㅜㅜ Because her meal ticket can't get married. And because Kim Hye Soo didn't want to burden her husband when she gets married..ㅜㅜ Kim Hye Soo is quite a cool woman and an actress. Don't ever pay off your mother's debt. You must've been really suffering. Now live for yourself.