Friday, July 12, 2019

'Law of the Jungle' under scrutiny for hunting endangered clams in Thailand

t/n: Here's an article with more updated information from Soompi

1. [+3129, -35] Look at the official document that 'Law of the Jungle' signed and sent.. They did everything that they said they weren't going to do and because they consistently lied, the Thailand side got mad.. With this, 'Law of the Jungle' needs to be cancelled and the PD needs to be punished...

2. [+2416, -30] What did the cast member do wrong, it's 100% the production team's fault

3. [+1157, -24] It's a hella international embarrassment

4. [+990, -21] It's not my first time seeing a broadcast company try to sacrifice a celebrity for their mistake and try to skirt by. I hope the show gets cancelled this time

5. [+176, -2] They flock on over as a crowd and they take modern tools to catch and eat animals that didn't do anything wrong - how is that the law of the jungle....    

1. [+5555, -46] What wrong did the actress do (t/n: they're basically saying what did Lee Yul Eum do to deserve this)

2. [+3951, -18] The production staff is just sitting back and acting like they don't know... They're honestly rotten
↪ [+3951, -18] Except for filming for that show, there's no reason for Lee Yul Eum to go there and hunt those clams so it's right that the broadcast company should be the ones holding responsibility. Do you think a big broadcast company wouldn't be able to handle this and they would hide behind a small celebrity disgracefully ㅋㅋ

3. [+2936, -12] If the broadcast company doesn't take responsibility for this, do they think other celebrities would film 'Law of the Jungle' from now on when they're scared... This is a situation where we don't know if it'll lead them to cancellation. Take responsibility and the production staff needs to resolve it - the production staff is at great fault for not certainly being aware of it beforehand. To be honest, how are celebrities supposed to know if they're not told beforehand when they go to a place they don't know anything about and at remote places

4. [+1726, -17] The time has come for them to just cancel the show, cancel it now

5. [+1683, -34] Thinking about it from a common sense point-of-view, even if they say that they didn't know it was a protected species - is it normal to hunt and eat something on another country's national park?? (t/n: no, it's not normal, they're crazy)