Saturday, November 23, 2019

Kim Dong Wan compares Sulli hosting 'Night of Hate Comments' to a human zoo

t/n: the '故' (go) hanja is used for someone who passed away so in the original article's title, it's: 故설리 which is "the late Sulli".

Regarding the death of Sulli, Kim Dong Wan said, "She was going through a difficult time and she was receiving a lot of criticism, I was worried about how she was handling it so I got in touch with her through an acquaintance. I told her that if she needs counseling, then she can reach out to me anytime and I can introduce her to someone I know. Later on, it looked like she found her own way [of handling/treating it]. The last show she did was dissatisfying. It looks like that show was inspired by that YouTube video with Hollywood celebrities. (t/n: I'm pretty sure he's talking about that segment from Jimmy Kimmel where celebrities read mean tweets about them) But in our country, celebrities aren't allowed to talk shit about someone or use rough expression on TV or the radio. It was really cruel to pull out moments where that person was the most hurt and miserable and make them react. That show looked like a human zoo to me." 

1. [+904 / -6] I've never watched that show. I only saw it through Naver News but it looked like a pointless show

2. [+910 / -15] I agree with Kim Dong Wan's comments.

3. [+830 / -17] The PD and writer who made that show also needs to reflect... They make you read the hate comments and respond to it... It's a show that was quite of out its mind

4. [+622 / -16] Because they told her to solve her hurt heart only through laughter;; I think it would've been good if they arranged a psychiatrist and a psychologist to her

5. [+451 / -8] I also didn't understand why they did that show ㅡ Also the purpose of the show was wrapped nicely, I wondered if the celebrities who read the hate comments would be able to handle it