Saturday, November 2, 2019

Lee Jung Jae reportedly goes on vacation with Im Se Ryung

1. [+4450 / -32] Then does the agency need to release a statement even when they go on vacation?? ㅡㅡ;;; They need to say all that? 

2. [+2229 / -36] They should leave them alone so that they can just date comfortably 

3. [+1803 / -34] Do you have to write things like this as news. The culture where they reveal a celebrity's private life needs to disappear. 

4. [+1004 / -26] I'm envious that they're comfortable financially and that they're enjoying life...

5. [+690 / -27] Dongyang Lee Jung Jae... Do I have the face of becoming a chaebol husband? (t/n: This comment is referring to his line from the film 'The Face Reader' and Lee Jung Jae's past scandal involving Dongyang/Tongyang group)