Saturday, November 2, 2019

Korean college student faces charges for boyfriend's suicide

t/n: The girl is a former student of Boston College named Inyoung You. The victim is Alexander Urtula, who also attended Boston College, but he committed suicide two hours before his graduation. Inyoung You is facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter. She's currently back in Korea and authorities are hoping for her to voluntarily return to the states. 

You can read about this case here - A (NBC News) and B (NBC News).

1. [+1734 / -5] I hope she gets extradited and receives punishment.

2. [+534 / -14] If she sent 47,000 texts in a year then how many texts did she send a day?? Is she sane?? 
↪ [+81 / -1] 47,000 texts in two months, 23,500 texts in a month, around 800 texts in a day  
↪ [+22 / -0] She's the devil.
↪ [+28 / -0] She sent that many texts in two months! They dated for one year and a half.

3. [+413 / -8] She's a more cruel b*tch than st*bbing him to d*eath! Don't ever come out~ I'm certain a second victim is going to come out

4. [+323 / -32] If this was Korea, there probably wouldn't have been an issue through femi-buffs (t/n: femi-buff appears to be a derogatory term for followers of feminism)

5. [+131 / -0] They revealed her face on CNN but they blurred her face again... As expected, South Korea is the heaven for perpetrator's human rights. This is a case that's suggesting that it's possible that you can k*ll a person through words and not a weapon. While we're at it, I hope people who spam the members of the National Assembly that they don't like... and people who coordinate hate comments on people's social media accounts reflect! (t/n: There was another comment above this but I found it really disrespectful towards the victim so I chose not to translate it)