Sunday, January 19, 2020

Actress Shim Eun Kyung nominated for Best Actress at Japanese Academy Awards for her performance in 'The Journalist'

Synopsis (cr. Asianwiki):
Erika Yoshioka (Shim Eun Kyung) is a reporter for the Toto Newspaper. She was born to a Japanese father and Korean mother and grew up in the United States. One day, Erika Yoshioka receives an anonymous fax. The fax contains highly confidential information related to the building plan for a new university. To reveal the truth, Erika Yoshioka investigates.
Meanwhile, Takumi Sugihara (Tori Matsuzaka) is a bureaucrat in the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office. He believes that he should be work for the people, but his job is to control the media and prevent unfavorable coverage of the government. Takumi Sugihara meets his ex-boss whom he respects. A couple days later, his ex-boss jumps off a rooftop building and dies. Takumi Sugihara faces a difficult choice to make.
When Erika Yoshioka and Takumi Sugihara connect with each other, a shocking truth is revealed.
The film is based on a book written by journalist Mochizuki Isoko - who's known for hitting Abe's administration with hard questions.

1. [+134 / -1] At least Japan's film industry has a conscience... 

2. [+83 / -0] It's a movie where it's can't be helped but for a Korean actress play the lead role, it's a movie that criticizes Abe's administration so a Japanese actress can't come out in it (t/n: there were a lot of talk that Japanese actresses didn't want to play the lead role because the film criticizes Shinzo Abe's administration but the film's producer cleared it up and said that he thought of Shim Eun Kyung playing the role from the beginning because he's a huge fan of her and that the rumors about Shim Eun Kyung only getting the role because Japanese actresses rejected casting offers is untrue)

3. [+50 / -0] That's great!!! Congratulations!!

4. [+20 / -0] She's an actress you can trust to watch )b

5. [+16 / -0] Wow! That's cool! 

1. [+62 / -0] As expected of Shim Eun Kyung!!! That's amazing

2. [+47 / -0] The fact that a foreigner is nominated for the Best Actress award, that's no easy feat, it's amazing that she was even nominated. She's not doing a lot of work in Korea but Shim Eun Kyung's career is interesting 

3. [+10 / -0] Oh cool! Hwaiting

4. [+8 / -0] Shim Eun Kyung discovered the truth! Thank you so much!! 

5. [+7 / -0] Oh~~ Cool~~!!!