Sunday, January 26, 2020

Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash

Original Source (MK Sports via Naver News): Kobe Bryant, dies after being involved in helicopter crash

t/n: It's been confirmed by multiple news outlets that his 13-year-old daughter Gianna was also killed in the crash.

1. [+1187 / -18] Rest in peace...

2. [+728 / -35] No but does this make sense - seriously...

3. [+566 / -31] Ah this is seriously so shocking - I thought this was false so I visited foreign websites but it ended up being real. Up until yesterday, he was congratulating Lebron and Lebron played the game while wearing Kobe's shoes but ugh why did this have to happen the day after ㅠ Sigh Kobe now really became a legend, it would've been better if he was a living legend. I hope he goes to a good place. Thank you for being with me during my teenage years and twenties

4. [+237 / -17] This hella came out of nowhere;; I thought it was fake news but it must be real ㅠㅠ May you rest in peace..

5. [+153 / -12] Goodbye legend.. ㅠ 

I grew up watching basketball with my family and would occasionally go to the Lakers games but this is really unbelievable....
You could really feel the impact of his death in LA right now
I hope their family is doing well - the fact that they lost their father, husband, daughter, and sister on the same day ㅠㅠ