Saturday, January 25, 2020

[Article Translation] Lim Song manager gives an update about her recent whereabouts and reveals why she quit being Park Sung Kwang's manager

t/n: She did an interview with the YouTube channel '근황올림픽'. She revealed that she joined a new entertainment company last July and she currently has two jobs as a manager and a YouTuber. In the interview, Lim Song confessed that she felt a lot of burden when she was filming 'Omniscient Interfering View', "I kept seeing my mistakes. I didn't like myself. There was also a lot of hate comments. There were so many that insulted my appearance. The time that there was the most hate comments was when my mom and grandma came out on the show. That was really stressful. Because things like that kept building up, my health deteriorated. My gynecological health deteriorated. I also went to the emergency room a lot. My body became lethargic, I developed anxiety and depression. I had the thought, ''Let's just quit all this and leave.' A week after I quit the job, I got surgery. I removed tumors and there was also a separate case of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). There was a lot of blood loss so the anemia got worse and I couldn't drive. I was scared of that so I did the surgery. I'm currently recovering."

She revealed that she's still in contact with Park Sung Kwang.   

1. [+14678 / -91] What is there to talk shit about Song-ie, those meanies.
↪ [+163 / -2] Song-ie, there's more people who are supporting you~ Keep your head up ^♡^

2. [+8620 / -62] She quit it [the job] for her life..   

3. [+4412 / -43] Song, please take good care of your health and please show us your healthy self

4. [+2162 / -45] Get well soon and show us your good form (t/n: they're asking for her to get healthy soon and show them her being healthy)

5. [+1768 / -183] 'Omniscient Interfering View' was the only show I watched because of Song-ie... After Song-ie left, there was nothing to watch so I stopped watching 

6. [+496 / -10] Insulting the way people look really isn't good... I saw it (comments) too but it was really severe, because someone gets popular all of a sudden, it makes me think that it's jealousy. The memory of me at that time, waiting to watch the show to see Song-ie manager... And also, it's normal to make mistakes. It's weird.. for a person who just started working to be good at their job.. I'm sad that she even got surgery..    

I seriously only watched 'Omniscient Interfering View' because of her ㅠㅠ
She was always so nice and tried so hard at her job
I'm glad she prioritized her health and well-being
It's a shame that she received so much hate for just coming out on a show