Sunday, January 5, 2020

Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won deny dating rumors

t/n: Dating rumors between Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won began to spread after someone uploaded CCTV footage screenshots of Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won at a cafe. In response to the rumors, Park Bo Young released a statement and said, "I became closer to Hee Won sunbae after filming 'Hot Young Bloods' and 'Collective Invention' and right now, looking past our age, we are now good friends and have a good senior-junior relationship. We also often eat meals together. When we went to Youngdeok to eat snow crabs, we went as the three of us with the director of 'Collective Invention'. I'm planning on respectfully asking that cafe in Youngdeok that uploaded screenshots of the CCTV footage to take down the pictures. Because it was posted without consent. Everyone calm your surprised hearts down. There can be eyewitness accounts but to the people who are writing scenarios, I'll keep an eye on you on the Internet and if you cross the line, I'll be suing you."

On the 4th, a source close to Kim Hee Won told OSEN, "Does it make sense that Kim Hee Won would be dating Park Bo Young. As someone close to them, even I'm really take aback. After hearing about the dating rumors with Park Bo Young, Kim Hee Won was really startled. I didn't ask him in detail but I called him after the dating rumors came out. Regardless of the age difference, as a person who's close to them, the idea of the two of them dating makes no sense."

1. [+5047 / -91] That's why - no matter how much you think about it, this is a random pairing ㅋㅋ You need to intertwine them while looking at the other person but from a common-sense point of view, if their dating rumors were true, wouldn't Dispatch have reported about it on January 1?? It's really the best scandal? ㅋㅋ

2. [+4526 / -56] I feel like seniors and juniors in the entertainment industry won't eat a meal together, no matter how close they are, because they're scared. Also - they both said that it's not true, I hope people behave themselves. 

3. [+3433 / -39] Isn't it illegal to take screenshots of CCTV footage that's used for security and then upload it without the parties' consent and pass it off as if it's true (the dating rumors)??

4. [+3306 / -1437] It's plausible. What's wrong with Kim Hee Won?
↪ [+725 / -40] They're 20 years apart, what do you mean it's plausible.. Come to your senses
↪ [+296 / -3] Don't you think that it's not because Hee Won isn't good enough but from the perspective of Hee Won's close acquaintance, Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won's relationship isn't one where dating is possible? They're just saying that those two are just really friends
↪ [+155 / -11] It's not "what's wrong with him" but it's because the age difference is gross, this person (Kim Hee Won) is charming 

5. [+1519 / -18] Wow... the business owner is the biggest trash and.. is it illegal for celebrities who are of the opposite gender and friends, to eat a meal together, go out for drinks, and go out for tea?? The trash journalists are the same, just let them be, why do they have to hide to have fun?? Stop it

6. [+381 / -88] Why do fans of Park Bo Young think that she's a victim of this scandal, the fans of Kim Hee Won are also annoyed?

7. [+239 / -2] Even if they went around just the two of them, it doesn't look like they were worried that there was going to be dating rumors