Monday, January 20, 2020

[Partial Article Translation] Child actress Goo Sarang and her parents criticized for the child's abusive behavior towards their cat

NOTE: Maeil Kyungjae had a phone interview with Goo Sarang's entertainment agency on the 20th. The agency said that this situation is "so scary and unfortunate." According to the agency, "She's now 9 years old. Harsh words and criticism that crosses the line is pouring towards a really young child. She's currently reflecting over her careless actions and her parents, especially her mother, is really heartbroken. The video that's spreading is so maliciously edited and the following reactions are severe. In a defenseless state, the child is really hurt over it and it's concerning. The mother uploaded an apology statement and although she's doing her best, she doesn't have the ability to suffer through the uncontrollable public's opinion, the unconfirmed issues that's spreading and sensational reporting. Most of all, the child is so young, we're only concerned. We hope this gets resolved through healthy criticism that doesn't cross the line. I also had the thought about the obscene hate comments and the aggressive comments that don't know when to stop and wondered if this is also 'child abuse.' We're going to do our best for the child to healthily endure the situation and deal with it together."

t/n: As far as I'm aware, there's a video going around of this child being really aggressive towards her cat. In the video, she's doing an unboxing, and the cat is showing interest in the box. She pushes the cat away by pushing the cat's face. When the cat actually jumps into the box, she picks the cat up and throws the cat onto the floor. The cat shows interest in the box again and is standing against the box and the child is seen pushing the cat's face away and then slapping the cat multiple times. 

1. [+8775 / -146] What kind of nonsense - even if you say that it's because she's a child and it's because she doesn't know well and it can be a mistake but you're filming that as a parent... You can see the parent's standards
↪ [+282 / -4] That's what I'm saying - even if they filmed it, they shouldn't have uploaded it or uploaded it after making edits. And they need to educate the child
↪ [+159 / -2] All they can see is money, will they be able to differentiate it

2. [+7194 / -112] So it's okay to hit a cat that can't speak but you don't want to hear people telling you to properly educate your child to behave... I understand why the child is like that

3. [+5590 / -65] You can pass it off as the child being poor at controlling her emotions but ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How poorly did they educate their child that and they lack the self-awareness of cat abuse that they just uploaded that video - seriously, the parents are the most pathetic

4. [+4369 / -24] The thing that I'm curious about, mother is... You uploaded that video, didn't you upload it because you thought that there was nothing wrong with it [the video]? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+2611 / -50] A child can behave like that because they don't know any better because they're still a young child but this is something a parent should educate their child on and from the get-go, it was wrong to upload show off videos like that

6. [+1204 / -10] The cat that was hit doesn't have an entertainment agency, how can they live when they're this sad 

1. [+5135 / -42] They're not even aware that they're in the wrong and seeing how the parent was busy with filming the video, I'm quite worried about the future of this child's personality... I can guess how she is on a usual basis... tsk tsk tsk I people I despise the most are those who use their child to make money. 

2. [+3452 / -38] This reminds me of the saying, "A child can be like that. But parents, you shouldn't be like that.ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ She would grab the cat and fling it and then really hit it like pow! kapow!, that must've been their average day, right? Just give the cat away for adoption to another family. I feel so bad for that cat and I don't want to see that child actress on TV from now on

3. [+1887 / -21] If you're going to raise the cat like that, just give the cat away to someone else. I can totally see how they usually treat the cat 

4. [+1601 / -18] A child's behavior/action shows their personality. How unfortunate

5. [+1411 / -15] What do you mean, you'll be careful~ You're already flopping, the public's sentiment that went away won't return~ I hope you give the cat away to someone else ㅋ 

How can you just sit there, watch, and continue filming your child when your kid is behaving that way towards your cat???
Literally the mom showed more concern for the box and the gifts inside instead of showing concern for the cat that's being flung around by her kid and being slapped around
Shit like this pisses me off
You're reinforcing your kid's bad behavior by not correcting it or pointing it out
And the statement from the entertainment agency, saying that the videos spreading is "maliciously edited" ㅡㅡ
Are you fucking kidding me....
The mom literally uploaded the video herself because she obviously didn't find anything wrong with it ㅡㅡ

I hope this child learns to not abuse animals and I hope her parents care more about her well-being and development/growth rather than the coins their child is bringing in.