Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Commenters send Jeon So Min and her family words of support after her sibling receives hate messages from an international Running Man fan

t/n: Jeon So Min's younger brother recently uploaded on his Instagram Story of the hate messages he receives on his account. The story was captioned: "These things (messages) happen too often..." The story is a screenshot of DMs he received from another user and the messages say (t/n: there's a lot of grammatical errors and things that don't make sense. It's really obvious the person used Google Translate or another translating app. I'll try my best to make out what they're saying but it's a bit confusing):
  • Your younger sister JOEN SO MIN is always on RUNNING MAN. Your entire family is be cursed on that day.
  • Really ask yourself: Did Jeon So Min film a sex movie in Japan?
  • JOEN SO MIN get out of Running Man
  • Get JOIN SOMIN to leave Running Man or your family will be cursed every day
  • Stop her, make her stay home, train her brain and give your unni advice to pause her Running Man activities
1. [+2513 / -57] Did she commit drunk driving or do drugs? Why are people leaving hate comments

2. [+2255 / -73] Most of the hate comments that Jeon So Min receives is from Chinese people. The fact that they're even threatening her family members, it must've been really hard for her...

3. [+1646 / -45] Whether it's overseas or our country, mother-in-law fans gives us a headache

4. [+105 / -17] Most Korean fans leave positive comments saying that Running Man became more fun after Jeon So Min joined the show but it seems like there are, surprisingly (?), a lot of mother-in-law fans amongst the international fans. And the members are actually close with one another  

5. [+78 / -1] Why are you sending Jeon So Min hate comments ㅠㅠㅠ??? 

6. [+74 / -9] International fans have a weird mentality...

Original Source (Hankyung via Nate): Jeon So Min hate commenters even torments her family..."Your entire family will be cursed"

1. [+758 / -8] Don't be so hard on her. Celebrities are also human. If you don't like her then either don't watch the show or be indifferent. Why would you go look for them (their profile) and send them a message they you don't like them. I just don't get it.

2. [+662 / -20] With foreigners, there's especially a lot of crazy couple (OTP) fans. When Jeon So Min first joined the show, they said things like Kim Jong Kook is Song Ji Hyo's and not to mess with him. During the fanmeeting overseas, they heckled her and it was no joke ㅋ There's all sorts of kids who are out of their minds

3. [+493 / -25] Pathetic people - they're sending all sorts of things through their keyboard when they're the ones who will cower if they get sued

4. [+35 / -2] The international fan sent a DM using a translator app. From what I know, when Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min joined the show, the international fans left a lot of hate comments. To be honest, if Jeon So Min wasn't here, the show you guys like that much would've already been cancelled. *sigh* seriously, the standard.. 

5. [+25 / -1] International fans of Running Man are really vicious - they're the height of immaturity

That's so embarrassing....
I've been watching Running Man lately with my family since we all stay at home now due to the pandemic and I think So Min brings so much happiness and humor to the show.
If she and Yang Se Chan were problems and they didn't get along with the cast and crew and they were difficult to work with, don't you think they would've already taken them out of the show??
Why are people sending these type of messages not only to celebrities but also their family members?
Learn to watch variety shows as a variety show.