Friday, April 17, 2020

Controversy surrounds guests on MBC's 'Where Is My Home' as the soon-to-be newlyweds are exposed of being adulterers

t/n: For those who don't watch 'Where Is My Home', the show is where celebrities help non-celebrity guests find new homes. The non-celebrity guests are usually families or friends who are looking for a new place and they give the celebrity teams their criteria (e.g. budget, how many bed and baths they're looking for, pet-friendly, neighborhood, etc). 

On the 16th, someone uploaded a post titled, "An adulterer is going to come out on TV", on a popular forum. The writer of the post wrote, "I got a divorce one year ago and for about a year I sued the adulterer and a few months ago, I won the case against her. I'm raising a four-year-old child on my own. But yesterday, when I was watching the show - during the preview for the episode with the soon-to-be newlyweds, it was my ex-husband and the adulterer. I was shocked when they came out smiling. I'm scared that my son will watch the show. I haven't even been able to tell the people around me that I got divorced. I'm scared that the people around me are going to reach out to me after watching the show. I'm uploading a post to vent."

The OP revealed the court documents that showed the sentencing against the adulterer for compensation. After this post went viral, commenters went to the YouTube video for the preview of the episode and wrote: "They're not a newlywed couple but a remarried couple", and "The ex-wife and child must feel really hurt if they watch this".

On the 17th, the show released an official statement regarding this issue and revealed that they are going to completely edit out the guests and apologized for making any viewers uncomfortable. They said that when people submit inquiries on appearing on the show, they interview candidates and verify things but it's hard to look into things regarding their private life and asked for understanding.

1. [+12799 / -51] They're the real-life version of 'The World of the Married'. They're quite shameless.
↪ [+34 / -1028] Whether they had an affair or not, they're now a formal married couple and our country got rid of the adultery crime. What's shameless?
↪↪ [+392 / -4] Is this about you?

2. [+10205 / -52] The show wouldn't have been aware about that (the affair)... But they're (the couple) is really shameless, how can they even think of coming out on the show??? They're amazing

3. [+4901 / -60] This isn't right. Even if the world is changing, no one can compensate for the pain that's in the child's life. They're probably going to live for the rest of their life without a father - the moral thing is for society to make the judgment. Crazy adulterers and men who abandon their children need to be punished.

4. [+4416 / -33] Idiots.. If you got a divorce because of something like that, then you should've lived quietly after getting remarried... How can you come out shamelessly and on a show?? 

5. [+3060 / -33] Chills... How is it that they come out on the show shamelessly laughing while saying they're looking for their newlywed house... 

6. [+708 / -8] How would the broadcast company have known that they were adulterers. Let's not go after the broadcast company. Also it might've been a better thing that these adulterers came out on the show and got labeled as adulterers, think of the bigger picture. Only a few people knew them as adulterers but now the entire nation knows them for that. 

7. [+496 / -9] She should've uploaded the post after the episode aired. That would've been a real revenge ㅠㅠ   

I'm sorry my posts have been about affairs back to back ㅠㅠ
'The World of the Married Couple' has been trending on the front page of Naver and Nate like every day and then this controversy happened and then reports about Jung Eun Chae-Jung Joon Il came out ㅠㅠ