Thursday, April 30, 2020

[Article Translation] Chef Lee Won Il's fiancée Kim Yoo Jin PD accused of being a violent school bully, couple quits the show 'Don't Be Jealous'

Original Source (Yonhap News via Naver News): Kim Yoo Jin PD-Lee Won Il bow their heads at the school violence allegations..."We will apologize directly"

NOTE: In December, Chef Lee Won Il announced his engagement to Kim Yoo Jin, a freelancer PD for the variety show 'Omniscient Interfering View.' The couple came out together on the show 'Don't Be Jealous' where real-life celebrity couples showed an inside look at their relationship. On the show, this couple showed themselves preparing for their upcoming wedding.

On the 21st, a user uploaded a post on Nate Pann titled, "The soon-to-bride PD who is told she looks like a celebrity on 'Don't Be Jealous' is an attacker of a group assault". The OP wrote that in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand, she was a victim of a group assault that involved 8 to 10 people and one of those people was Kim Yoo Jin PD. The OP provided a detailed report of the incident. The OP also added,"There are comments saying that I uploaded this post because I'm jealous of Kim Yoo Jin PD. I'm not a person that's jealous of fame. I uploaded this post because she never apologized to me and it was hard for me to watch her being happy on the show." (t/n: In the Nate Pann post, the OP provided screenshot of places on Google Maps and wrote a detailed report of how she was physically assaulted by Lee Yoo Jin PD and her group of friends)

After the OP uploaded their post on Nate Pann, chef Lee Won Il announced via his agency that the couple will be leaving the show and on his Instagram account, he uploaded an apology letter that was written by the couple. In his apology note, Lee Won Il wrote, "I would like to deeply bow and apologize for the discomfort that was caused by the controversy that involves my fiancée. Regardless of the truth, my heart is heavy that [our appearance] reminded someone of their past wounds. I apologize for causing so much worries."

Kim Yoo Jin PD wrote in her apology statement, "Regardless of the truth, I would like to sincerely apologize to the victims who were hurt by my actions and who weren't able to forget the pain for a long time. I will directly reach out to them [the victims] and apologize. Although you might be too angry to face me, I hope you can give me the opportunity to apologize to you sincerely."

The OP of the post is currently living in New Zealand. In 2008, the OP was 16 years old and alleged that she was physically assaulted by a group that consisted of Kim Yoo Jin PD and her friends. The OP heard something about Kim PD's boyfriend B and another boy C. She said things began to happen after Kim PD's friends forced the OP to tell them what it was. 

After C heard about the things that were being said about him, he threatened OP by saying, "I'm going to screw up your life to the point where you can't keep your head up." OP claims that they told her that they will arrange a place for her to apologize and told her to come to the Aotea Square. 

OP claims that at Aotea Square, she was slapped with Kim PD's slipper and after she collapsed, they started to beat her up. OP also wrote, "A few weeks later, I went to the city and went to the parking lot where the perpetrators were at. 8-10 perpetrators were there and gathered up. They said, "Why are you going around saying things like that?" and began shoving me and slapping my cheek. They took me to a noraebang (karaoke) after people began staring. While they were singing, they began hitting my head and my abdominal area." 

After getting beaten up at the noraebang, they took her back to the parking lot and Kim PD who saw OP said, "I didn't have plans of doing this. My friends are a bit like that. You messed with the wrong person and just think of it as if you stepped on poop (had shitty luck) and don't show your face in the city again."

After this assault, OP developed depression, couldn't attend school that much and began receiving psychiatric treatment. OP wrote, "The leader Kim PD never apologized to me and returned to Korea."

In their original post, the OP also posted screenshots of her messages with her friends from this time and asked things like if they remember her getting beaten up and the friends would respond and confirm that they do and they can't forget that. A few days after the reports came out, OP uploaded screenshots of messages she received from Kim Yoo Jin PD on Kakaotalk but people pointed out how although Kim Yoo Jin said she's sorry, she kept using 반말 (informal way of speech, usually used between close friend, in a relaxed setting or used when talking down to someone who's younger) while the victim was being formal while using 존댓말 (formal way of speech, showing respect). Commenters were saying that the PD was being rude even with the apology and felt like she was just trying to get this whole situation over with. 

1. [+10801 / -34] Why are you disregarding the truth? If it's the truth then it's the truth~~ Their apology sounds like they're just apologizing although it's not the truth~~ They're both the same~~ *tsk tsk*

2. [+5274 / -22] "Regardless of the truth... I'm sorry..." Is this supposed to be an apology ㅋㅋ It's not the truth but you want to meet in person and apologize? Relearn Korean.

3. [+3918 / -14] ㅋㅋ;; They wanted you to apologize but you write: "Regardless of the truth" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you're not going to address the truth then is there a point of apologizing??;; Aren't you apologizing because it [the allegations] is the truth? If not, if it's completely false then it's obvious that you don't need to apologize. But you're apologizing because it's the truth ㅋ But "regardless of the truth"? Till the very end, you're mocking and looking down on the victim ㅋㅋ I don't consider you guys as people who are uneducated so you lack word choices.. ㅋ

4. [+2355 / -14] The world is quite unfair, it's a world where the perpetrators live well

5. [+2079 / -26] Why is Kim Yoo Jin using the words, "Regardless of the truth"... Because it's 100% the truth, you should definitely acknowledge it and apologize for your mistake  

Original Source (JoongAng Ilbo via Naver News): Variety shows are getting an increase in appearances from non-celebrities...They're shaking in fear about their past school violence affairs

1. [+9946 / -24] Don't try to apologize sincerely with "Regardless of the truth". Address the truth or sue for slander. If it's the truth then sincerely apologize. But since you already said you're apologizing sincerely regardless of the truth.... I can't sense your sincerity. 

2. [+7256 / -23] Young people, watch carefully and remember. If you commit bad actions like hitting your friends or bothering them, then later on when you become an adult or someone who some people become jealous of, you need to understand that everything can come crumbling down in a minute because of that bad things you committed when you were younger... 

3. [+3021 / -26] Kim Yoo Jin said that she's gonna apologize but says, "Regardless of the truth"... Hmm.... It seems like she didn't have any intention of apologizing and just wanted to sweep over the current situation. It wasn't that she just hit one or two people, she was like on the level of a gangster. Look at her face, she looks vicious... 
↪ [+246 / -0] When they said school violence, I thought it was her ostracizing someone or bullying/teasing them but she called over her boyfriend and his friends to beat up the victim. She and her group of 8-10 friends mocked the victim and attacked her, isn't that a crime and not just school violence? 

4. [+2728 / -16] "Regardless of the truth...." These words are a bit iffy

5. [+1601 / -7] Kim Yoo Jin wrote in her statement that she's going to apologize to the victim but she wrote, "Regardless of the truth"?? What is she saying??

t/n: Just to clarify, this is a screenshot from one of the first episodes of the show. This aired before the allegations came out. She cried because she revealed that she's sensitive of how people view the couple's age difference. He's 40 and she's 29.
Original Source (Hankyoreh via Naver News): Kim Yoo Jin PD who's suspected of committing 'school violence' uploads a written apology...Also quits the variety show

1. [+5528 / -28] "Regardless of the truth, my heart is heavy that [our appearance] reminded someone of their past wounds."... Seeing the prerequisite, they must have not come to senses, huh? It's not too late for this chef, he should think hard about this marriage ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2935 / -22] "Regardless of the truth"??? Why is it regardless of the truth, you crazy woman.. Her apology was wrong from the get-go.....

3. [+2652 / -14] You can say that a perpetrator of school violence is a real devil... They ruin one person's life and they live their life without realizing their mistakes... School violence is still occurring now but they think that if you apologize later, it will wrap it up... I think that we should really banish perpetrators of school violence from society.

4. [+1844 / -24] She's the type of person who will go and pull her mother-in-law's hair if her husband does something she doesn't like. Young people, watch carefully - if you immaturely both your friends or assault them, this will come out in 10-15 years. So be cautious of committing school violence.  

5. [+1652 / -55] If it was the guy (Lee Won Il) who did this, groups of people will denounce it and they would break off the engagement but because it's the girl, people are just letting it go... If I was Won Il, I wouldn't look back and just break off the engagement... People never change easily...