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[I Live Alone Episode 338 Recap + Naver TV Comments] Lee Si Eon learns how to fence + Park Narae wraps up the Georgina Market

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The Great Actor's Spring Outing

(t/n: Lee Si Eon's nickname is 대배우 which literally means great actor but it's short for 대기배우. 대기 means standby so 대기배우 is actor on standby and he received that nickname when he first came out on the show because he was on standby for a long time while filming his dramas)

Our great actor-nim Lee Si Eon starts off his morning by taking nutritional supplements and making a protein shake. Park Narae notes that Si Eon is starting to change because he stopped smoking and also started drinking less. Si Eon said that he's going to turn 40 soon so he's been taking vitamin D, magnesium, omega-3, probiotics, and propolis. Si Eon always struggles with remembering the name propolis and in one episode, when he went to get a physical done, the nurse asked what medicine he's currently taking and he said propofol which is a drug that used during surgeries to induce anesthesia and some people abuse it. Si Eon admits that he still confuses propolis and propofol LOLOL Si Eon finally gets ready to head out.

Si Eon rode his bike for about 6km (3.7 miles), from Sangdo-dong to Jamsu Bridge. He makes a quick stop in front of a very familiar-looking convenience store. It's the convenience store Hwasa visited at like 4 AM in episode 336 LOL Narae teased Si Eon by calling him a Hwasa copycat. Instead of eating his food right away, Si Eon began to walk around. Narae asked if he was looking to eat the bench Hwasa ate at and Si Eon said that he just went to look for it. Jang Do Yeon called this the 'Hwasa Tour'. 

Si Eon finally found the infamous Hwasa mukbang bench. Si Eon's Han River mukbang menu consists of: powerade, chocopie, strawberry milk, samgak (triangle) kimbap. The members found the his combination of food and drinks a bit awkward. Si Eon clarified that he didn't want that bench to become popular and Narae reassured that he succeeded in doing that. The members thought Si Eon's mukbang didn't look satisfying. When Si Eon said, "Oh yummy" after taking a bite of the samgak kimbap - Kian84 commented, "It doesn't seem yummy." The members asked why Si Eon was making distorted facial expressions while eating and Kian commented, "It looks like he's eating just to live." Narae added that his mukbang seems like it would be good to watch when you're dieting. After finishing his meal, Si Eon goes on another bike ride throughout the Han River. 

Si Eon arrives at the Jamsil Sports Complex to join his friend while they're working out. The friend at the Sports Complex is actor Lee Dong Jin. Lee Dong Jin and Si Eon used to live in the same neighborhood and they would meet up all the time. Dong Jin's wife is gold medalist Sabre fencer Kim Ji Yeon. Si Eon decided to try fencing because Lee Dong Jin is also learning and it was always his dream to hold the fencing sword. 

The lesson starts with them having to run and pick up the cones on the mat. Si Eon's pace is slower compared to Lee Dong Jin's. Si Eon adds that when he was doing this workout, he didn't have energy because he started this as soon as he arrived at the sports complex and he biked for 16 km. After completing the warmups, the instructor teaches Si Eon the proper stances in fencing. Si Eon reveals his hidden ability of having really flexible feet. Si Eon finally accomplishes his dream of holding a fencing sword. Si Eon and Lee Dong Jin gear up and go over the rules for their match. In fencing, your back foot isn't supposed to go ahead of the front foot. Si Eon questions the rules and asks why the foot can't go ahead of the front foot and Lee Dong Jin said, "Because it's a rule. Why does your face look like that?" LOLOL 

Fencer Kim Ji Yeon arrives at the sports complex. Si Eon shares that Kian met the couple before at his house when they had dinner and drinks together. Kian proudly reveals, "She said she's my fan." Si Eon said that when fencer Kim Ji Yeon saw Kian, she said that he such like a celebrity. 😎 The fencing match between Si Eon and Lee Dong Jin continues and this time Si Eon is more confident when charging towards Dong Jin, he even gains a point! 

Si Eon ends up winning the match against Lee Dong Jin and the talented editors at MBC edited the show to make it look like Si Eon was actually winning an Olympic gold medal at the Olympics LOLOL Narae suggests that the members play a game of hand fencing since they now learned the rules of the sport. Hand fencing was popularized on the show 'My Little Television'. The first match is against Kian and Si Eon. Kian goes back and forth and looks like a crab LOLOLOL Kian and Si Eon get a point each for slapping each other at the same time. During the tie breaker, Si Eon wins by earning another point. 

The next match is between Sung Hoon and Henry. The match ends quickly with Sung Hoon slaps Henry after he loses his balance while doing Matrix-like moves LOL Then Sung Hoon battles against Si Eon. Sung Hoon quickly wins this match as well when Si Eon gets lost in his thoughts and was trying to remember how he won his match against Kian. 

The final match is between Narae and Do Yeon. The thing that comes right into focus is their height difference LOLOL When Narae was pointing her arm towards Do Yeon, Do Yeon showed that it was going towards her stomach and not her face. After a lot of squatting and waving arms, Do Yeon wins the match.  

Back at the sports complex, Si Eon was going up against a professional fencer. In this match, all Si Eon had to do was win just one point against her - they gave him a 14 point head start. As soon as the match began, the fencer swiftly charged towards Si Eon and quickly earned her first point. The fencer then wins another point. Si Eon gets reminded that the hand on his back can't come to the front or else he will get heard. The members comment that he should've defended himself and ask why he's only screaming. Soon, the score difference between Si Eon and the professional fencer was 14 vs. 15 and Si Eon lost the match. After the match, Si Eon heads to Lee Dong Jin and Kim Ji Yeon's home to have dinner together. 

Si Eon tours the couple's home and compliments their wedding photo and the fencing concept. A conversation about wedding photos comes up at the studio. Narae said that these days a lot of people use job concepts for their wedding photos these days. She asks the members, "Is there a wedding photo concept that you want to try?" Kian said that with wedding photos, it looks similar since people take it at the studios but he wants to try taking them with the camera on his phone. Si Eon jokes that Kian's marriage will be called off if he uses a camera phone. Narae said that the concept that she would like to try is where both her and her husband wear a suit but she would like to put on a beard. Do Yeon said that she doesn't have a concept in mind specifically but she wants to take simple photos. Narae jokes if Do Yeon wants to take photos with a phone and Si Eon jokingly suggests that she and Kian should get married. While eating dinner, Si Eon reveals that the only reason he got to move into his current home is because Lee Dong Jin was the one who pushed him to apply and Si Eon said that he's blessed for the guidance/advice he has received from Lee Dong Jin. 

Si Eon looks back on the day and talks about how it was an enjoyable and meaningful day because he got to spend time with his friend. 

Park Narae's Zozina (Georgina) Market

Without a break, customers continue to visit Narae's flea market. The visitors are comedian Hong Hyun Hee and YouTuber Risabae. Hong Hyun Hee brings a plastic container with her which she calls her eco-bag (reusable bag) LOL After taking photos at the photo wall, the guests begin to look around at the products - clothes and shoes that used to be worn by Narae. 

Hong Hyun Hee then asks if there's any underwear available for sale. Narae says there is but Hong Hyun Hee clarifies her request by adding, "But underwear that you wore..."  Narae asks why she's looking for that and Hong Hyun Hee says that you can get that energy/strength (of Narae) by wearing that (t/n: LOLOL what sis LOLOLOL) Narae reveals that she has underwear that she bought from LA. Narae brings out the underwear that she bought in LA and said that she wore one and has four remaining. She says the product is a bit difference since it's from the U.S. 

Hong Hyun Hee rubs the underwear around Narae saying that she's going to rub some of Narae's energy off onto the underwear. Narae puts on the underwear to satisfy Hong Hyun Hee and then Hong Hyun Hee and Risabae suddenly bows while Risabae says, "We believe" LOLOLOL SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE NARAE IS LOVE, NARAE IS LIFE. 

The girls then moved on to the designer brand section of the Zozina Market. Hong Hyun Hee and Risabae tried a few of the items Sandara Park from 2NE1 donated (e.g. sunglasses, bucket hat). In the end, Hong Hyun Hee bought: a jacket (150,000 won), underwear for her husband (30,000 won), and 2 hats (100,000 won) and spent 280,000 won in total (~$230 USD). Risabae bought a hat, headband, sunglasses, and novelty items (e.g. fake beard) and her total was 265,000 won (~$218 USD). Hong Hyun Hee and Risabae get ready to leave as the new customers arrived.

The next customers are Seol Hee and Hye Ryun, who are members of Beokji Sisters, which is the group of Narae's childhood friends. The members of Beokji Sisters originally came out on the show when Narae was preparing a bridal shower for Hye Run. The fourth member of the group, So Yeon couldn't make it because she had work. They catch up and Narae gushes after seeing pictures of Seol Hee's newborn baby. After catching up, they begin looking at the merchandise. Narae offers a set of placemats from Vietnam. Hye Ryun liked the items and said she'll put it on the side while she looks at other things. Narae then says, "I'll give it to you for cheap~" while looking down at the placemats and explains that there was a Vietnam premium placed on the items but she said she'll just give it to her. Hye Ryun asks why Narae keeps looking down and Narae shows her desperation on wanting to sell things and wrap things up when tells Hye Ryun she'll give it to her for 2,000 won LOLOL When Seol Hee is looking for a mirror to see how a bag looks, Narae tells her to just go look at a mirror in her room (which she didn't offer to other customers). When Hye Ryun shows interest in a beach towel, Narae offers it to her for 3,000 won and asks her to just take it with her LOL Narae explained that she just gave it away cause they're her really close friends. 

When they're looking at the clothes, Hye Ryun sees a sweater and Narae offers to give her a set of 4 new, unworn sweaters for 20,000 won (~$14), Seol Hee said, "Hey, buy it!!!". Hye Ryun says she'll consider the offer and walks away LOL Seol Hee finds a raincoat and Narae recommends it since Seol Hee works outside a lot since she's an interior designer. (t/n: she looks cute but it also reminded me of scenes from thriller movies where the killer is waiting outside in the rain LOLOL) They then go over to look at the designer products and Hye Ryun says that although she likes wearing hats and stuff, it's a bit hard to pick an item since they're too flashy/pop out so she's a bit burdened. Seol Hee adds that they're ordinary and they're non-celebrities. Narae commented that she noticed that there are people who liked the trendy items that were donated by Sandara Park while there are also people, like Narae's friends, who were really drawn to the household items. 

In the end, Hye Ryun bought a set of placemats (2,000 won), beach towel (3,000 won), a set of cups (20,000 won), a new suitcase (40,000 won), a set of 4 sweaters (20,000 won), a trench coat dress (10,000 won) and spent a total of 95,000 won (~$78 USD). 

Seol Hee bought a stomach massager (20,000 won), mosquito killer (5,000 won), backpack (30,000 won), raincoat (10,000 won), padding jacket (15,000 won), a few other things, and Narae gave a dinosaur costume for free since Seol Hee was going to give it to her niece/nephew. She spent a total 170,000 won (~$140 USD). The members at the studio was shocked by the deals they were getting. Her friends were very happy about the deals they scored. 

The final guest is rapper Nucksal and BLNK, they go straight to the designer items. While looking for a mirror after trying on a jacket, they notice a few electronics. Narae offers mounted Samsung TV for 60,000 won and BLNK jokingly asks her if she's going to come and install it for them LOL The next item offered is a laser light machine that supposedly goes by the beat if you play music. Nucksal and BLNK has a hard time believing her and Narae proves it by playing Queen's 'We Will Rock You', she also tells them that the warranty for the item hasn't ended yet and there's one month left LOLOL #WhatADeal They end up buying a jacket for 150,000 won, laser light machine (30,000 won), a suitcase (60,000 won), sunglasses (80,000 won) and receives a nón lá for free. In total they spent 360,000 won (~$263). Narae counts the money and Nucksal notices how she can't count past ten in English because Narae keeps going back to one after counting up until ten. 

Back in the studio, Narae reveals that she held onto an item that she was going to offer at the flea market because she thought of Kian. The item is a new blanket! Kian says that he feels a bit bad cause he keeps receiving things from the members. In total, Narae received 2,358,000 won (~$1,938 USD) in donations. For the items that were donated by Sandara, the donations were in a separate section and she made 1,075,000 won (~$883 USD). So Narae received 1,283,000 won (~$1,054 USD) when excluding donations made for Sandara's items. 

When Narae was asked how the flea market was, she said that this was her first time doing a flea market and she's thankful that she was able to clean up her home a bit and find new owners for her items. She wants to return the favor of the happiness she received so she revealed that she'll be adding a bit more money to the overall donation. Sung Hoon asked if she has plans on doing another flea market and Narae straight up said no LOL she said she'll do one if it was a Park Narae flea market but not a Zozina flea market. 

Original Source (MBC via Naver TV): Fencing prodigy Lee Si Eon! Touching first victory~ ♨

Nationwide ratings for episode 338 that aired on March 20, 2020: 10.1% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+373 / -23] Today's episode was so so so fun ㅎㅎ I always like Lee Si Eon's episodes, I wish they would do them more often ㅠㅠ

2. [+244 / -6] The editing team is working properly.

3. [+238 / -9] He's good at fencing to the point where I wondered if it was his first time learning it...   

4. [+233 / -4] The quality of the CG is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+197 / -18] Personally, I find Lee Si Eon's episodes the most fun.

6. [+181 / -13] Lee Si Eon is so funny, it's fun to watch ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. [+678 / -4] "What did you say?" + Narae's facial expression, why is it so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+560 / -3] "Get out" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+363 / -8] Looks like Kian is going to use the new blanket he received until he's 40 and use it until it's Yves Saint Noran (t/n: It's wordplay on Yves Saint Laurent, Noran (노란) means yellow and they're joking that his blanket turned yellow cause he used it for so long and it's stained)

4. [+319 / -5] I want to buy the things that the people didn't buy

5. [+240 / -6] It's heartwarming to see Narae taking care of Kian ㅎㅎ I really like the Rainbow Fam who's close to one another ㅎㅎ

6. [+220 / -12] When Kian-nim was holding tight onto the blanket Narae-nim gave him~~♥ It was really nice to see 

Awwww I love it whenever Narae's family members and non-celebrity friends come out on the show 💜 she seems like she's more at ease
When she was just giving her friends whatever they wanted and for cheap 💜💜💜 she's so nice
And when she showed that she didn't add the blanket to the flea market because she thought of Kian 💜