Tuesday, January 5, 2021

[SPOILERS!!!][Sing Again Episode 3 Roundup + Naver TV Viewers Comments] A familiar face from a past audition show makes an appearance, the perm/curly haired contestants never fail to impress the judges, and a familiar idol says she's a singer who now wants to smile


Episode 3

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Nationwide ratings for episode 3 that aired on November 30, 2020: 7.1% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+523 / -36] I think she chose the wrong song... It's a song you shouldn't choose if you can't sing it better than Hwasa..... The original singer Hwasa stands out too much so even if you're someone who's talented like Lee Michelle, it's hard for it [the performance/song] to move you

2. [+357 / -11] I think this person had a very soulful voice and had powerful characteristics but the song choice is a bit disappointing γ…  It feels like the song itself doesn't match her..

3. [+297 / -7] It just feels like she purposefully didn't show them everything she's got, it feels like she was warming up

4. [+268 / -3] I don't know if it's because she's not fully awake but I think she's having trouble with showing us everything... I feel like in the second round, she's going to be wide awake and show her skills γ„·γ„·γ„·

5. [+263 / -12] Hwasa herself, the original singer of 'Maria', when it comes to her vocal color and things like that, it stands out so much so I don't think there's a person who can beat that feeling [Hwasa's original rendition].. It was like that during 'Hidden Singer' too but Lee Michelle's vocal color is also out of this world.. I enjoyed listening to it

1. [+251 / -1] I feel like he would do well also as a musical actor

2. [+178 / -16] I agree with Yoo Hee Yeol's comments.. He definitely has a lot of talent but you saw more cons than pros... His vocalization and singing abilities was a bit lacking

3. [+143 / -1] It looks like Lee Haeri was performing a duet with him through her facial expressions γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

4. [+130 / -2] It looks like there's mixed reactions - I really liked it γ…‹γ…‹ He has his own character and he's funny so I thought he would have less skills but he did well

5. [+129 / -6] He's like Jo Kwon

1. [+319 / -2] Kim Jong Jin-nim's comments were very heartwarming. He said the seasons changed.

2. [+177 / -1] I liked it from the first intro but the rapping part was also really so good

3. [+118 / -2] She did well - J.Min, you're going to do even better 

4. [+104 / -2] Tiny-G's J.Min, Shin Min Jung hwaiting!

5. [+94 / -1] I really like her voice. I feel like she kinda has the charm that draws you in

t/n: it's this legendary song from variety shows lololol 

1. [+371 / -0] The starlight is falling shalalalalalala~~~~ The song really was famous, keu..

2. [+297 / -3] Why did I think of the I Live Alone scene Chungjae-ssi enters when listening to the song,,,γ…Žγ…‹γ…‹

3. [+257 / -0] But when he went, "the starlight is falling shalalalalalala", it kinda felt like I was receiving a blessing

4. [+235 / -2] Everyone, Bye Bye Sea really has a crazy amount of legendary songs. Their first album is especially crazy. 'My Mind Talks', 'Tears', 'Liar', 'Shining Star in the Dark', especially the song 'Proposal', it came out on the OST for the drama 'Playful Kiss' but it's really hard to find a sweet proposal song like this. Please listen to a lot of Bye Bye Sea's songs, they really overflow with legendary songs......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

t/n: This is the legendary song for the OST of the 'What Happened in Bali'. People always joke about crying with a fist in your mouth and parody Jo In Sung but the actor clarified that he never did that lol

1. [+340 / -5] It didn't happen in Bali, it happened on Sing Again... γ… γ…  Him getting 0 votes was really shocking but I liked that I was able to listen to the song after a long time

2. [+292 / -43] The 0 votes makes no sense. They passed people who sings worse with the Super Again votes. Why are they sending a talented person like him away like this? Even with Youme, the judges raised their expectations on their own discretion and didn't pass her *sigh*

3. [+264 / -54] He did well, isn't the 0 votes too much? He's someone who would still have his place somewhere but who's judging who? γ… 
γ„΄ [+36 / -2] If he had his place, would he have come out on this show? 

4. [+230 / -12] 0 votes is a bit severe - but still, he's a singer. They didn't even give amateurs 0 votes

5. [+207 / -5] I feel like from the beginning, he started off on the wrong pitch γ… γ… 

1. [+271 / -2] For some reason, I felt like Kim Eana-nim would user her Super Again vote but I felt all thankful because she really did. I feel like she's a person who would show the best performance and skills if she gained confidence, I'll be supporting you.

2. [+217 / -0] I see Lee Sun Hee-nim's evaluation as being accurate. Since she received another opportunity, I hope she does a bit better next time. When the song ended and she (the contestant) gave her thoughts, even Lee Sun Hee-nim teared up... (t/n: During her evaluation comments, Lee Sun Hee shared with the contestant that the energy you use when you're recording in the studio and when you perform on stage needs to be a bit different. In the studio, the smallest breath and sound can be caught but on a stage, you need to give more energy than you expect so that the small details can be delivered. Before performing, the contestant introduced herself as a singer who released 18 albums. Once she was brought back to the competition with Kim Eana's Super Again vote (a vote that saves a contestant from getting disqualified), she said that there are many times where she's embarrassed of having released 18 albums. She acknowledged Lee Sun Hee's comments and said she's someone who only grew up within a recording studio. She said that since she released 18 albums, she thought at least someone might like her but during the middle of her performance, she felt hopeless because she opened her eyes and saw all gray (meaning no one voted for her yet) and she's thankful for Kim Eana's Super Again vote. Love how my explanation is longer than the actual comment 🀦🏻‍♀️)

3. [+161 / -3] I really think that she deserved getting a Super Again vote. If I was a judge there and saw it, I think I would've given her another chance... You see that much potential and I hope through the show, she gets more popular and becomes famous, hwaiting!!!

4. [+128 / -0] Even her nervousness is moving~~~

5. [+86 / -0] Your voice is so pretty, I'm supporting you ^^ 

1. [+579 / -2] As expected, people who have curly hair...... (t/n: the commenter is saying that the contestants with curly hair are good as expected, other popular curly haired/permed contestants number 63, number 29, and number 30)

2. [+399 / -23] Seriously, our country has a lot of singers like this but only idols always come out, isn't it now time for change? I now want to see genuine singers rather than idols

3. [+357 / -1] It's daebak - it would've been weirder if he didn't an ALL Again (received a vote from all the judges). The fact that he's an unknown singer with these skills γ… γ… γ…œ

4. [+310 / -3] Isn't this Guru Heo-nim from 'I Can See Your Voice'? He sings so well

5. [+285 / -1] As expected, it's the 'perm'. (t/n: please see the note in comment 1!)

1. [+950 / -4] Wow, it was over starting from the intro... this hyung is legit..

2. [+681 / -7] I want to hurry up and listen to this person's heavy metal

3. [+655 / -7] Wow... You'd think he's Jesus or something, amen.....

4. [+582 / -5] I liked this person the most from today's episode, I wonder if there's anyone who knows his name
γ„΄ [+81 / -2] He's Jung Hong Il from Barkhouse~~~ His heavy metal sings are also really good!

5. [+572 / -3] He really sings insanely well.. It felt like I was watching 'I Am a Singer' or something and I watched while my entire body got warm, I got chills, and I was breathless γ… γ… γ… γ…  His ability to deliver the lyrics is insane... 

1. [+1867 / -14] Sojung from Ladies' Code πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­I think RiSe and EunB, who are watching over you from heaven, are supporting you... Let's only watch the flower path from now on and personally, I want to support Sojung the most on 'Sing Again' - I see her as a strong candidate who can win... Sojung, it must've been hard times for you but let's now walk the flower path as the name 'Lee Sojung' πŸ˜­I'm so happy you received an All Again (received a vote from all the judges), hwaiting ❤πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

2. [+1626 / -25] In one of the albums for judge Song Mino's group WINNER, there's a non-title track titled 'Have A Good Day' and he wrote this song in memory of Ladies Code member EunB γ…œγ…œ It's said that Mino-nim and EunB-nim were high school friends γ… γ… γ…  Sojung-nim, you did so well! Now be filled with things that only make you laugh/smile and not cry. You did so well, don't cry anymore and you can smile on stage now. If you cry on stage, the members are going to be sad in heaven too.

3. [+1484 / -12] To be honest, it's true that Kyuhyun oppa can't help but relate more to it because he also came back to life from death in an accident and Mino oppa too, he was friends with EunB unni. I want to tell Sojung unni that her performance was really legit. Unni, you might not be able to forget it but I hope you have more days where you smile
γ„΄ [+81 / -0] I heard that's why the Super Junior members attended the wake...γ… 
4. [+1327 / -5] Even the song is moving but I got chills listening to Kim Eana and Lee Sun Hee's comments because they were really good...

5. [+1065 / -7] You can smile

t/n: After her performance, Yoo Hee Yeol asked her what was the hardest thing for her and Sojung said, "After the accident, I promoted but thinking about it now, I think their absence was too big.. (t/n: like she really felt the huge absence of her past members) On stage, I thought too much about if I can be laughing/smiling.. I'm trying to give others joy and happiness but they look at me with pity... I often felt like I shouldn't be laughing/smiling."

Lyricist Kim Eana said, "After hearing about your story, the best thing I thought I can do as a judge was to watch your performance without thinking about that situation (t/n: the accident). It's something that happened and it's a huge tragedy but I didn't watch your performance with that as the background. You just did really, really well. Did you receive treatment? Like mental health treatment or treatment for PTSD?" Sojung said she's still receiving treatment and taking medicine. Kim Eana continued with, "You're doing good. Don't try to cover it (the past) over, you should talk about it." Kim Eana emphasized in her remarks that Sojung shouldn't grow accustomed to not talking about what happened. She concluded her remarks by saying that Sojung did so well and she just really enjoyed watching her performance.

Lee Sun Hee said, "I'm going to dare say this, you can smile. I hope you smile as much as you want and sing a lot." 

1. [+2198 / -9] I really liked lyricist Kim Eana-nim's evaluation comments...

2. [+1761 / -12] Listening to Kim Eana's comments, she seriously seems like a really cool person

3. [+1190 / -8] Let's stay strong, let's smile, let's soar 

4. [+1105 / -9] There's a reason Shin Seung Hoon picked her in Voice Korea

5. [+982 / -8] Let's only walk the flower path now... πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Sojung, you can smile now.. EunB and Rise, who are watching over you in heaven, would be supporting you so don't cry πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Hwaiting, Sojung!