Sunday, December 30, 2018

2018 MBC Entertainment Awards

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Original Source (My Daily via Naver): [MBC Entertainment Awards] Lee Young Ja wins daesang! Second award after KBS...Park Narae is this year's entertainer


Best Couple Award → Park Sung Kwang and Lim Song (his manager) [Omniscient Interfering View]
Popularity Award → Song Sung Ho, Yoo Kyu Sun, Lim Song, Kang Hyun Seok [Omniscient Interfering View] (t/n: These winners are all the managers for the celebrities that come out on this show)
Best Teamwork Award → Folly Husband
MC Award → Kim Sung Joo [King of Masked Singer]
Special Award → Welcome, First Time in Korea
Writer of the Year → Yeo Hyun Jin [Omniscient Interfering View]
Producer Award → Real Men 300
Rookie Award (Radio) → Yang Yo Seob, Ahn Young Mi, Choi Wook
Rookie Award (Variety) → Hwasa [I Live Alone], GAMST [Real Men 300], Kang Daniel [It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets]
Rookie Award (Music/Talk Show) → Mina [Show! Music Core], Seungkwan [King of Masked Singer, Unexpected Q]
Best Entertainer Award (Sitcom) → Yuri and Shin Dong Wook [Dae Jang Geum is Watching]
Best Entertainer Award (Variety) → Sung Hoon [I Live Alone], Yoo Byung Jae [Omniscient Interfering View, Cross the Line]
Best Entertainer Award (Music/Talk Show) → Lee Sang Min [Section TV]
Excellence Award (Radio) → Kim Jae Dong, Jung Sun Hee
Excellence Award (Variety) → Kim Jae Hwa [Real Men 300], Kian84 [I Live Alone], Park Sung Kwang [Omniscient Interfering View]
Excellence Award (Music/Talk Show) → Kim So Hyun [Under 19], Cha Tae Hyun [Radio Star]
Top Excellence Award (Radio) → Kim Shin Young
Top Excellence Award (Variety) → Song Eun Yi [Omniscient Interfering View], Han Hye Jin [I Live Alone], Lee Si Eon [I Live Alone], Cha In Pyo [Folly Husband]
Top Excellence Award (Music/Talk Show) → Yoon Jong Shin [Radio Star]
Entertainer of the Year Award → Lee Young Ja [Omniscient Interfering View], Kim Gura [Radio Star, King of Masked Singer, Cross the Line, Talk Nomad], Park Narae [I Live Alone], Jun Hyun Moo [I Live Alone, Omniscient Interfering View]
Program of the Year Award → I Live Alone
Grand Prize (Daesang) → Lee Young Ja [Omniscient Interfering View] 

1. [+10428, -1826] Wow you're not giving it to Park Narae??

2. [+6878, -526] Ah oh no Narae ㅠㅠ Of course, Young Ja unni did a good job as well but.. When Moocury (Jun Hyun Moo) closed his eyes tightly, my heart hurt with him.. Narae, you did a good job as well!! In the heart of the viewers, both of you received this year's daesang ❣️

3. [+6858, -1315] Wasn't Park Narae... A bit more worthy of the daesang? I'm a bit sad 

4. [+5410, -870] Wow they're treating Park Narae badly, wow ah this is so freaking annoying 

5. [+5352, -2008] Did all three broadcasting channels take a bullet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There isn't an award that's possibly understandable ㅋㅋㅋ 
↪ [+1243, -380] Lee Young Ja was worthy of receiving it 
↪ [+1139, -56] I'm sad they didn't give it to Park Narae but there's no surprise that Lee Young Ja received the daesang.. Why is it only at these times that they don't give a joint daesang... 

6. [+2538, -239] What more does our Narae unni have to do to receive a daesang ㅠㅠㅠ 

1. [+2451, -22] I teared up the whole time while watching. Congratulations to the managers. Hit daebak in 2019 as well

2. [+1474, -18] Lee Seung Yoon's manager works really well..

3. [+1064, -15] I really teared up while watching, I wondered how happy they were for winning a year's award for an award where it's a profession where people shine brighter than them, the managers have enough right to receive the award 

4. [+768, -12] Song Sung Ho manager-nim, please continue to take care of Young Ja unni in the future.. to the rest of the managers as well, hwaiting~ ^^

5. [+500, -38] Yoo Byung Jae's manager was crying~