Monday, December 17, 2018

Behind the popularity of drama 'The Last Empress' is the staff members' outcry due to their intense working condition

These are pictures of the staff members' work times - as you can see, they worked 16-29 hours a day

NOTE: Staff members of the drama are basically calling out the production team/producers for making them work really long hours (on one day they had to work 29 hours and 30 minutes), they're also reporting that they suffered from verbal abuse.  

1. [+904, -19] Go Hyun Jung didn't fight for nothing (t/n: The producer of this drama is the same producer of 'Return')

2. [+702, -14] Go Hyun Jung who had a big fight with the PD and then backed away came to thought.. At that time, only the actor was getting shitted on 

3. [+396, -5] Do a lot of pre-production, for the staff members - it's better if you do that and the drama's quality gets better too 

4. [+427, -5] ㅋㅋ As expected, there's never a quiet day for Joo Dong Min PD's project ㅉㅈ (t/n: He was the PD for 'Return', "ㅉㅈ" is like *tsk tsk*)

5. [+275, -3] At this rate, the PD is a bastard - do you agree? Mhmm, I agree~ 

6. [+154, -1] So Go Hyun Jung, who's known for taking care of staff, fought with the PD - the PD's side flooded Go Hyun Jung with the press - a leopard can't change its spots ㅋㅋ tsk tsk that PD really doesn't change his personality    

Joo Dong Min PD continues to be trash