Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Actor Son Seung Won being investigated for driving under the influence with a revoked driver's license

According to the police, Son Seung Won was involved in a car accident at 4 AM. At the time of the accident, Son Seung Won's blood alcohol content was 0.206% - in Korea, it's considered drunk driving if your blood alcohol content is 0.05%. With his blood alcohol content, that's enough for his driver's license to be revoked but the thing is, his driver's license was already revoked for a previous incident. It's been revealed that two people involved in the other car have been injured. 

YTN News reported on this issue and revealed that his driver's license was revoked because he was involved in a drunk driving accident last August. 

1. [+2111, -13] A silent killer.

2. [+1375, -17] Because of this bastard, hard-working regular people almost died. You can pick out the roots of drunk driving by charging them with attempted murder. 

3. [+1025, -214] Does Blossom Entertainment not manage their actors?? Starting from Lee Seo Won to Son Seung Won, there's seriously no words (t/n: Son Seung Won was signed under Blossom Entertainment but in the article, Blossom Entertainment said that they're currently not able to get in touch with him and the entertainment agency's contract with him expired last October so he's been promoting on his own without a manager.)
↪ [+317, -16] They said their contract with him ended, did you not read the article? 
↪ [+155, -3] But two days, Blossom Entertainment uploaded a (holiday) greeting with Son Seung Won on their official account? (t/n: Blossom Entertainment included him in their holiday greetings on their Instagram and Facebook
↪ [+141, -7] I feel like Blossom Entertainment hurriedly released an article about the contract cancellation, they released a holiday greeting message with Son Seung Won for Christmas

4. [+554, -13] Crazy, I don't even know who he is but he's a bastard with no sense - get your head on straight

5. [+301, -8] I hope to not see him again