Saturday, December 29, 2018

[Article Translation] Baek Jong Won revealed to have declined award ceremony invitations + turned down receiving awards for the past three years

In the middle of people feeling sad that Baek Jong Won received no awards at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards, it's been confirmed that for the past three years, he has turned down awards and declined invitations to attend the award ceremony. Baek Jong Won believed that it wasn't right for him, a non-celebrity, to attend an event that's celebrating entertainers. He's been adamant about his beliefs not just for this year's award ceremony but for the past ones as well. 

In 2015, after he became popular with his appearance on MBC's 'My Little Television', he received an invitation to the award ceremony but informed them that he won't be attending. At the time, he said, "Because I'm not a celebrity, I won't be attending". For many years, Baek Jong Won became popular with his shows 'Baek Jong Won's Top 3 Chef King', 'Food Truck', and 'Alley Restaurant'. Especially this year, 'Alley Restaurant' became really popular and it's true that it contributed to SBS's entertainment business. But Baek Jong Won wanted to celebrate the show's success more than attending the award ceremony or winning an award. 

Of course, Baek Jong Won truly congratulated Kim Sung Joo and Jo Bo Ah, his MCs for 'Alley Restaurant' for winning awards. "I received strength from the viewers' support so we've been having fun while filming. I don't have any greed towards receiving the daesang award. I'm just the alley."     

1. [+20005, -220] As expected of Baek Jong Won-nim but in my heart, you received a daesang 
↪ [+156, -2] That's why when Lee Seung Gi won the award, he (Baek Jong Won) smiled so brightly.
↪ [+261, -4] He really is a man of great capacity ㅠㅠ He also donates all of his appearance fees ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+11631, -255] Then they shouldn't have even nominated him
↪ [+624, -16] They nominated him and even invited him but gave him nothing ㅋ
↪ [+290, -9] The nominees for SBS's daesang is every celebrity that came out in SBS's shows
↪ [+294, -4] They didn't nominate him, for this year's SBS Entertainment Awards, there were no set nominees for the daesang 

3. [+10953, -700] But still, Seung Gi wasn't right (the right choice)... They should've just given him an achievement award for it to be right 
↪ [+306, -13] He turned down awards so how are they supposed to give him an achievement award;

4. [+8222, -544] The problem isn't whether or not Baek Jong Won received or didn't receive the award, the problem is why did Lee Seung Gi receive the award. They keep media-playing it towards Baek Jong Won and passing it off as people saying something because Baek Jong Won didn't receive the award. The issue is why did Lee Seung Gi receive the daesang but SBS is trying to mediaplay with this and let it slide - SBS bastards trying to pull off a trick (t/n: in the original comment, the commenter did a wordplay with SBS that meant bastard with each letter S.B.S. but I just compiled it)
↪ [+224, -20] This is the point!!!!!
↪ [+74, -7] Fact attack 

5. [+7618, -124] Then they should've disclaimed that in advance, are they mocking the viewers who were only waiting for the award? If Baek Jong Won turned down the award then they could've given the show an award 

6. [+1225, -89] But still, Lee Seung Gi wasn't right (the right choice)...   

7. [+1184, -62] The issue isn't Baek Jong Won turning down the award but Lee Seung Gi's qualification... With Baek Jong Won's rejection, would there have been this much controversy if Shin Dong Yeob, Kim Byung Man, or Yoo Jae Suk received it? The problem is that Lee Seung Gi doesn't have the right to receive it... Let's not cloud up the facts...