Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[Partial Article Translation] Do Kyungsoo opens up about loving both acting and singing

"Because I love both singing and acting, I want to do everything I can in my life (laughs)". 

At the interview location, Do Kyungsoo expressed his future plans and dreams. This means, as a successful 'idol actor', he's the happiest when he's on the stage or a filming set. He broke the stereotype that as an idol, he'll only give cliché responses - Do Kyungsoo brightly and energetically gave answers that were mixed with jokes and made the interview vibes delightful. You can still see him as a young person but you were able to feel a bit more of a dignified charm than his peers. 

After he said, "[As I do more projects] I feel like the way I feel less and less nervous on set changed. When I worked on the film 'Cart' with Yum Jung Ah sunbae-nim, when I worked on the drama 'It's Alright, It's Love' with Jo In Sung-hyung, I was really nervous to the point where I would forget my lines in front of them. But as time goes by, I'm able to work together in harmony on set and I think I changed into the position where I look for good qualities in my seniors and learn from them." 

In the movie 'Swing Kids', he took on the role of Roh Ki Soo, a North Korean prisoner of war, and was able to perfectly pull off a North Korean accent and tap dancing. He first started off on a zero base and was able to familiarize himself in all of it during 5 months. If you combine the time filming began and ended, he was immersed in 'Swing Kids' for a total of 9 months. He said, "At the beginning, me and the other actors were bad dancers. There were a lot of difficult factors with tap dancing and the North Korean language but as I learned it, it felt like I was able to overcome the difficulties. I was able to receive a lot of help through the director, the actors, and the North Korean language teacher." 

He then added, "While promoting as a singer, I practiced tap dancing. [While preparing for EXO's album and the stage] If the break time is short, I would do the tap dancing steps while wearing the shoes I was wearing and the time got longer, I would change into tap dancing shoes and practice. Later, the EXO members would say, "Please don't wear them (the tap dancing shoes)" and would be appalled and say, "It's loud". (laughs) But because I had no choice but to practice, I worked hard on preparing." 

Do Kyungsoo then talked about his criteria on picking his projects, "I like screenplays that touch my heart and on the aspect of characters, I look at the ones that I can play at this age. With Roh Ki Soo in 'Swing Kids', I really wanted to play the role because I wouldn't be able to play the character if I wasn't this age." He then added, "While promoting with EXO, there weren't any conflicting parts with being an actor. While promoting as a singer, I focus on EXO, at the minimum, there's always a time when I have a schedule as a singer but I focus on the project. I don't think there was any big problem. I want to be seen as the character in a project rather than being seen as Do Kyungsoo or D.O."  

Original Source (OSEN via Naver): "I love both singing + acting" EXO D.O and actor Do Kyungsoo's dream

1. [+364, -4] I also love Do Kyungsoo who's both good at acting and singing. And on top of that, he's good at dancing, his face is handsome, and he has a good personality.. *cry* Do Kyungsoo is a perfect person ♡ I'll continue to always support you in the future! Our Kyungsoo, do whatever you want to do

2. [+176, -2] ❤

3. [+84, -0] I want to hurry up and see the movie. ^^

4. [+46, -0] I'm a person who's not interested in idols but there was a time when I heard EXO's songs in their new album 'Oasis' and 'Smile On My Face'. The song quality was a lot better than I thought so I watched EXO's stage performance for the first time and they were able to break my preconception about them. And on top of that, with 'Along with the Gods', 'My Annoying Brother', 'Room No. 7', I thought Do Kyungsoo who I thought was worthy of being noticed and I kept an eye on had strengths as an artist too. After listening to his cover, I thought his voice and singing abilities was a waste to remain as an actor. My comment became too long but anyways, I'm looking forward to EXO's D.O. and actor Do Kyungsoo to soar even more as a top singer and as a top actor.  

He's so humble and handsome ㅠㅠ
I just started watching '100 Days My Prince' with my dad and wowwww I wish I was able to watch it sooner ㅠㅠ