Thursday, December 27, 2018

[Article Translation] Kwanghee's manager Yoo Si Jong resigns after more iljin/bullying allegations surface

Kwanghee made a variety show comeback with 'Omniscient Interfering View' - which is a variety show that shows the relationship between celebrities and their managers. Kwanghee's first episode aired on the 22nd and after the episode aired, a user made a post on an online forum claiming that during their school years, the user was bullied by Yoo Si Jong who was an iljin (t/n: iljins are basically deliquents, these kids are known for drinking/smoking underage, they're rowdy and misbehave).

The original post was titled: "Hwang Kwanghee's manager who is really chilling". The user wrote: "We both attended Uijeongbu Middle School and we're both born in 1990 and 29 years old. He was one of the most notorious iljins in Uijeongbu and the other schools. It's not like I have have evidence that I was beaten, the only evidence I have is my sad memories. My earlobe ripped after they performed wrestling moves on me. People can say that what's the point of revealing this now but this remained as a memories for me throughout my school years and follows me forever. I just want to say one thing, don't pretend to apologize and don't show up in front of me. Don't find me. I've enjoyed 'Omniscient Interfering View' since the first episode and recently Park Sung Kwang's manager Song-ie manager even came out in commercials so I thought he might be able to too so and the thought of that made my blood boil."

Kwanghee's entertainment agency Bonboo Entertainment released an official statement refuting the allegations in the original online post. Bonboo Entertainment said, "After personally checking with Kwanghee's manager, he denied being an iljin, he didn't do any of those things (from the post), and said that he doesn't recall any of those things." Bonboo Entertainment added that because of privacy laws, they're in a situation where they can't contact the original poster. They said that if the original poster contacts their agency via an email or a phone call, they'll formally pay a visit and after hearing the whole story, they'll discuss what they can do as a company to resolve this issue. 

After Bonboo Entertainment released their official statement, another netizen made allegations against Yoo Si Jong. On the 26th, the second netizen made a post on an online forum titled: "Kwanghee's manager is really an iljin". The second netizen said that they graduated in the 56th graduating class of Uijeongbu Middle School and wrote this post because they got mad after reading Bonboo Entertainment's clarification statement. The second netizen wrote, "I reread what the other victim wrote after Bonboo Entertainment refuted allegations that he's not an iljin after personally checking with him. After seeing various comments saying, it's lame exposing something that happened 10 years ago or there's a reason they're an outcast, it wasn't a sight to see." The netizen added, "They're were a lot of so-called notorious iljins at Uijeongbu Middle School and Seo Middle School and at Uijeongbu Middle School, the group Yoo Si Jong in was the most notorious. I can't say my memories are exact because I didn't suffer directly but I'm certain he picked on kids who weak and looked gentle. I don't want him to leave 'Omniscient Interfering View. The only proof I have is my memories so it can be buried but he needs to take responsibility for what he did. Before this follows you around for the rest of your life, be a man and apologize."

1. [+14160, -139] People don't change. They pretend like they do so that they can live.  
[+463, -2] There's a reason they're an outcast?? One of the most common reasons the perpetrators pick on the victims is just because, just because they're weaker than them

2. [+10148, -140] I hope more cases come out where an individual's remaining long life gets ruined because of the bad things they committed during their short, teenage years. 

3. [+6580, -88] Kwanghee can get hurt too... Change his manager and don't come out on TV... School violence is a one of the most vicious crimes amongst crimes...

4. [+4477, -55] It's forever a wound for the victim.. For the perpetrator, it's a memory of them being well off during good times

5. [+3898, -57What goes around comes around... (t/n: They're saying karma's a bitch) 

1. [+11950, -54] He's properly getting what he deserves. Kids look at this properly, don't pick on your friends because you're strong~ Life is certainly long...

2. [+5623, -36] I hope this is the opportunity that can eradicate people who think it's alright to inconvenience others while fooling around during middle and high school, I hope this shows that it can be a scarlet letter for the rest of their lives, not just in this field but in all other fields as well..

3. [+2938, -38] It feels like it was resolved relatively fast but why did you do that, I told you that it was all going to come back (t/n: They're saying what goes around, comes around)

4. [+2647, -32] You need to regularly live honorably. I think it ended up well

5. [+1997, -386] As expected.... His intention was to use Kwanghee.. (t/n: they're saying the manager is a clout seeker) You can straight up tell that his facial characteristics seem like an iljin's..
↪ [+309, -3] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What does it mean to have facial characteristics that are iljin-like 
↪ [+451, -6] It's dangerous to judge just by the face. There's an example where people were shown a picture of notorious serial killer Kang Ho Sun without revealing who it was and most people that it was a likable face. There's no such thing as a criminal-like face. (t/n: Kang Ho Sun is a serial killer who was charged for killing 10 people, you can read about it here - X (BBC News). And this is what he looks like - X

6. [+898, -9] I thought of what Bae Jung Nam said, "Even if you can't become a great person, you need to grow up upright"~ God-Jung Nam