Friday, May 31, 2019

Actress Lee Yoo Young's Instagram post worries people

On the 31st, Lee Yoo Young uploaded a picture on her Instagram with the caption: “I want to die. Each and every day is hell. I want to escape it.” She quickly deleted the post but it caused a lot of concern. Her entertainment agency released a statement, “We confirmed that while she was uploading the Instagram post, she accidentally uploaded the wrong post. The actress, herself, is very shocked and we confirmed that she deleted the post right after. We apologize for worrying you.”

1. [+1811, -19] How is that an accident? There aren’t a lot of people who accidentally say they want to die. It’s not like she uploaded something that was written in the picture and she wrote it herself but how is that an accident… Don’t dismiss it as a mistake and I hope the people around her take good care of her ㅡㅡ

2. [+1311, -37] She must’ve suffered a lot after sending off Kim Joo Hyuk. Although I don’t know if those words are true or not, I don’t think we can take it lightly. I really hope the people around her look after her.

3. [+674, -6] Saying every day is hell… Just how exhausted is she with life that you have have a thought like that. I hope she finds something enjoyable or rewarding to do besides acting.

4. [+522, -13] It seemed like she was endlessly obsessing over work to forget about that… (t/n: that as in Kim Joo Hyuk’s untimely death) She must be having a really hard time

5. [+244, -10] Stay strong~~ ^^ I hope that all you have left is a reason to smile, I’m supporting you

6. [+162, -0] But it might be that she got stressed because of her own issues but isn’t it more of a discourtesy to her because it unconditionally gets associated with her deceased partner.. It becomes more burdensome if it (the death) follows her around like a label