Monday, May 27, 2019

[SPOILERS!!!][Voice Season 3 Naver TV Comments Roundup] Episode 5

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Nationwide ratings for episode 5 that aired on May 25: 3.5% (cr. Naver TV)

t/n: Here's the YouTube link for readers who have playback issues with Naver TV

1. [+165, -1] Kwon Yool's acting is insane... Crazy... It improved

2. [+147, -1] Wow is Bang Jae Soo's acting forreal... Each and every one of his facial expressions is the best

3. [+119, -2] Kwon Yool's acting is freaking crazy and when Wire Shun came out of nowhere, the position was honestly funny

4. [+104, -2] I didn't even think that Wire Shun would come out here;;

1. [+190, -3] He's quite a tsundere ㅋㅋㅋ By the way, is today's upload speed (for the clips) forreal!!!

2. [+169, -4] Am I the only one who screamed at Do Kang Woo's turtleneck? Wow it looks so good on him...

3. [+160, -4] Ohh it's heart fluttering

4. [+142, -2] Team Leader Do is a tsundere, my heart raced but look at how he hid his wound with the turtleneck and he can't even tell Center Leader Kang ㅜㅜ

5. [+125, -5] I'm going to lay down here today.. 

6. [+114, -0] What's Lee Hana and Lee Jin Wook's chemistry..? I really like Lee Hana's voice and diction