Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Japan's Emperor Akihito steps down from the throne

1. [+1122, -11] I think it would've been good if Shinzo Abe resembled even a bit of the Japanese Emperor's character (t/n: Emperor Akihito has a history of repeatedly expressing remorse over Japan's war crimes)

2. [+449, -45] I hope he comes to Korea after he abdicates... Let go of the heavy baggage you've carried for many years and if you come visit comfortably, I think the Korean people will take care of you preciously...

3. [+360, -7] I'm against Japanese imperialism but I welcome a Japanese emperor like that with great character

4. [+256, -21] I'm not expecting anything special.... If you simply give a heartfelt apology then Koreans will no longer take history and pick at it because Korea people also have affection. Now, let's mend relations between Korea and Japan and hold bully nation China in check and help each other financially in various ways. If the world's exporting countries combine their strengths, then even China can't look down on them

5. [+81, -17] Thank you for your hard work. 

What's the point of spreading anti-Korean/Japanese sentiment on your blog?