Thursday, May 2, 2019

[Partial Article Translation] Netizens hunt down the nice restaurant owner that sent firefighters food to thank them for their service

On the 9th, Haenam Fire Station posted a post on their Facebook page, "A package was delivered to the Haenam Fire Station today". In the picture was the package and a letter that said, "Thank you to the firefighters of Haenam Fire Station who came down all night from the furthest place to fight the Gangwon Province fire". The fire station uploaded the picture by blurring out the sender's name and their restaurant information but they couldn't escape the eyes of the netizens. 
Netizens said, "Businesses like these needs to do well where their phones are ringing off the hook" and ended up finding out the restaurant owner's information by looking at the package number and the delivery sticker. Netizens have been uploading proof that they ordered from the restaurant. 

The person who sent the package to the fire station was restaurant owner Mr. Kwon. Mr. Kwon revealed that he has been refusing interview requests that have been flooding in. The reason he was turning down interviews was, "The attention needs to go to the firefighters, I didn't do anything big, the attention I'm receiving is burdensome." Mr. Kwon is remaining anonymous.

1. [+3112, -66] Firefighters are... angels that wear orange uniforms... If you receive help from firefighters even once... you can never forget that help.. 

2. [+2139, -23] I'm really mad.. because.. why do people who are in the National Assembly or politics not have the same mindset as people like this (the restaurant owner).. How is it that they think about how they can come out on TV a bit more and try to get attention by overreacting or by speaking rudely to receive a nomination for next year's general election.. when you can tell that they're corrupted inside. 

3. [+799, -19] It's really heartwarming. There's hope in the world. Thank you.

4. [+578, -82] This is definitely something you have to do for people who work hard like that but they haven't done it up until now and the nation has been holding it in and in but they can't represent the nation's thoughts, everything the Liberty Korea Party (t/n: this was the party Park Geun Hye was a part of) does is behave like chinilpas, they need to disappear from this country. Because of this trash party, our country became a mess and they only do good things for North Korea. The Democratic Party of Korea also has issues but I think you need to praise the things they do well. How is it that the major political parties in this country all do bad and if there's an issue, they drop the entire nation and only take care of their own greed.. I'm really worried about what can change in this country from now on. 

5. [+432, -13] I'm moved by the hearts of those from Ddangkkeut, Jeonnam, and Haenam. Thank you to the firefighters as well.