Monday, September 9, 2019

[I Live Alone Roundup] Petit Si Eon School (part 1)

Nationwide ratings for episode 310 that aired on September 6: 8.7% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+3431, -135] I don't know if it's scripted or if it's real but just by today's episode, Henry is hella anoying - if a person doesn't like it then you should catch onto it and stop, if it was another hyung, would he have been that annoying? He wouldn't because he would be scared, I think he was being annoying because Kian is nice and because he's a pushover 

2. [+3271, -198] Kian reached the top in his field but did the other bastards reach the top?? Why are they looking down on a person, what makes them better
↪ [+339, -10] These words seriously resonate with me
↪ [+602, -20] You're 100% right. Amongst the 'Idiot' members, Kian is the only one who's a top in his field of work. Henry, Lee Si Eon, and Sung Hoon aren't at the top. Rather, they're the case who rose in their field because of 'I Live Alone' 

3. [+2335, -69] Is it only a joke if it's a joke to you? My eyebrows were raised the whole time while watching; I usually liked Henry more but he didn't understand what he did wrong until the end and I was disappointed that he didn't apologize

4. [+1988, -33] They didn't fight but Henry kept on one-sidedly looked down on Kian hyung and annoyed him. It's correct that Kian is special and don't you think that Chung Jae also gets frustrated? But Chung Jae has been with him for several years and it was quite nice to see him respect him - Henry is young and he's being really rude to his hyung

5. [+1654, -40] If I was Kian, whether it was filming or not, I would've thrown a punch

Original Source (Sports Chosun via Naver): 'I Live Alone' Henry vs. Kian84, five stage great war → 'Petit Si Eon School' Conflict explosion

1. [+2492, -90] My hands suddenly turned into fists while I was watching Henry...

2. [+2007, -58] But Henry went too far ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  

3. [+1740, -58] He's saying he's joking around when he created an embarrassing situation where not a single person laughed? Seriously, if he was next to me... Wow...

4. [+1748, -131] Can guys do that when they're five years apart?? I'm not just talking about age but looking at it in a personality way, it felt like Henry has been hella looking down on Kian since a while ago ㄷㄷㄷ If I say this, will people call me a snowflake ㅠ

5. [+1714, -108] In the past, if the other members would say something after seeing Kian's behavior then Henry would say things like, "Hyung, you do you" and hella acted like he understood him but these days, you can see that he's looking down on Kian..... With the other members, you can sense their affection towards Kian but with Henry, he seemed rude and you can sense that he was honestly looking down on him so he became unlikeable 

6. [+1028, -9] When someone messes around with you first and pisses you off and then say, "Are you mad?" or "Are you the type that gets annoyed easily?" when you get mad or become serious, hearing things like this is the most annoying  

7. [+967, -36] I'm seeing Kian differently after seeing him holding back. Henry went too far.  

I did not expect Si Eon School to go like this or receive these types of reactions o.o
IDK if it was scripted or if it's the editing but tbh, Henry was kinda odd during this episode...
My favorite scene was the watermelon dropping because everything else was awkward to watch ㅠㅠ