Monday, September 9, 2019

Yoon Jong Shin shares a moment with his mother

1. [+7755, -92] Yoon Jong Shin's mother has Alzheimer's and his father is healthy and he's working hard on taking care of her with the money Jong Shin-nim earned. The son is doing his upmost on taking care of them but does he need to wrap up his life and nurse mother for 24 hours? If it was your guy's life, I wonder if you would do that - I hope you don't speak lightly just because it's someone else's life

2. [+4192, -48] I'm tearing up... You're leaving your old mother behind so you miss them but he made a big decision for his music and life so I pray that nothing happens while he's away. I hope Yoon Jong Shin-nim brings us good music through this trip

3. [+1753, -58] Jong Shin-ie hyung.. He's a person who I ideally think is living a cool life... He succeeded in his field and he displayed his other talents and bright and funny side in variety shows. He's a senior who receives respect from his juniors. He's a character who's acknowledged by his coworkers. He was able to get a stable life but he's doing something he likes again... I think he's going to completely focus on music. It's a life I'm envious of.

4. [+1384, -31] I'm also getting sentimental ㅠ I think time is going more and more faster - seeing how my mom and dad are getting older instead of my grandma and grandpa ㅠ

5. [+506, -24] Stay strong!!!!