Sunday, September 15, 2019

[Shin Dong Yup vs. Kim Sang Joong Roundup (Chuseok Special)] Alcohol vs. cigarettes: Which is worse for your health?

1. [+333, -7] Let's quit cigarettes and drink only a little bit of alcohol...

2. [+328, -27] Alcohol damages your hippocampus while cigarettes makes the people around you get cancer, why are you comparing it. If you smoke cigarettes, you're just a zombie bastard. (t/n: I have no idea what a zombie bastard is LOL)   

3. [+208, -16] There's something worse than alcohol and cigarettes - stress~

4. [+115, -12] Drinking alcohol while smoking is the worst

5. [+135, -35] Drinking moderately circulates your blood, has a diuretic effect, and also gives you courage for love. Smoking seriously does more harm than good. The thing I regret the most in my life is smoking a cigarette. 

1. [+379, -26] I really don't like the smell of cigarettes... I wish they would make a cigarette where they can just eat it up and damage their bodies and don't damage other people's respiratory system

2. [+332, -26] Why are they not classifying alcohol as a drug? To be honest, a lot of the crimes wouldn't have occurred without alcohol - drunk driving, sexual assault, murder, and more, alcohol is the cause of most of them. The root of social evil is alcohol.

3. [+157, -5] Those bad air carcinogens for smokers!!!!! I wish they would handle it on their own, seriously I wish there was a helmet or something. I wish they would take in all that air like those air filters at BBQ restaurants ㅡㅡ Especially at the crosswalk or on streets where people walk, or the bus stop, it's really not right to smoke there, right?? It hella ruins my mood and why do they not know that sickening cigarette smell? Seriously the thing that smells from 100 meters away is cigarettes!

4. [+97, -15] Both are harmful but if you only drink a little bit of alcohol, there's no problem but you still die even if you smoke a little bit

This show is really interesting and informational!
I hope they continue it~
It was really shocking to learn about thirdhand smoke...
Like even if you smoke outside, the nicotine and bacteria is stuck onto your clothes and hands and that spreads to your furniture....
It was so sad when they found nicotine in the baby's system ㅠㅠ