Thursday, September 27, 2018

Actress Kim Hye Soo promotes the 'No Plastic' challenge

You can read about the plastic ban that was implemented recently here - X (Korea Herald). But basically, if you go to a coffee shop like Starbucks, then you're not allowed to use a plastic cup if you're going to stay inside the store and they can only give you a plastic cup if you're ordering your drink for to-go. The businesses will get fined if they're caught serving their drinks in plastic cups to in-store customers. 

Kim Hye Soo is building awareness to lower the use of plastic cups by encouraging people to use tumblers.  

1. [+1190, -13] As expected~~ I'm supporting you~~

2. [+593, -11] I'll also join~~ I hope many people will participate for the children who will have to live in the future, the environment is really being destroyed, let's actively participate.

3. [+362, -6] I rewatched the KBS documentary episode on micro plastic yesterday and it was really severe. We need to make an effort to decrease plastic . Hye Soo unni, I'm supporting you

4. [+191, -6] As expected of Hye Soo unni 

5. [+105, -5] I'm supporting you     

I love an environmentally friendly Queen! :・゚