Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Actress Jung Ryeo Won reveals her house for the first time on 'I Live Alone'

1. [+604, -26] Purchasing your own home 17 years after your debut is normal, the people who purchases buildings that are worth billions after just debuting reek of sponsors

2. [+155, -16] At first, it wasn't like this but the more you see her, I feel like she has a concept~~ (t/n: this isn't a negative comment saying she has a concept and that she's fake, it's more like they're saying she has a basic gist/idea of what she wants to do and what not. It's kind of difficult to directly translate the word 개념 into English)

3. [+117, -2] Congratulations, when will I... 

4. [+93, -1] It's not that she didn't purchase a home because she didn't have money but she just didn't buy one during that time

5. [+76, -1] Why do you think she didn't buy a house in Korea... Her real home is Australia.... ㅡㅡㅋ     

So the images and comments on Naver isn't loading on my browser...
I've tried multiple different browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) but it's not loading on any of them...
Just wanted to give a heads up that I won't be able to translate Naver comments until this issue is fixed. Hopefully it's an entire site issue and not just me ㅠㅠ