Thursday, September 27, 2018

Actor Jo Woo Jin revealed to be a father

His reps revealed that he and his fiancee have a one year old daughter together. They registered their marriage before the child was born. As previously reported, Jo Woo Jin and his fiancee have been in a relationship for 11 years and will have their wedding ceremony in October.  

1. [+9852, -65] During his unknown period, they couldn't hold a wedding and while living after giving birth to a child, he's now able to let her wear a dress.. Imagine how happy they are.. (t/n: By 'unknown period', I mean the time period when he wasn't a known actor - like people didn't know his name, he was basically a struggling actor)

2. [+6102, -79] If it's 11 years then it's basically a common law marriage. It's not even weird that they have a daughter

3. [+4122, -54] Right now he's doing well because he succeeded but I'm thankful for his wife who helped him during his struggling period - as expected, if you're good at acting, you'll succeed - congratulations

4. [+2165, -25] Because of his unknown/struggling period, it seems like they're now holding a wedding ceremony, congratulations - you're really good at acting, an actor needs to be the one who does the acting

5. [+763, -31] Congratulations ^^ Is your twin brother doing well too? ㅎㅎ (t/n: They're talking about actor Kim Byung Chul LOL)