Sunday, September 30, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Mr. Sunshine Roundup] Episode 24 (finale)

Nationwide ratings for episode 24 (finale): 18.129% (cr. Nielsen Korea)

1. [+11650, -27] Thank you to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the country... And thank you to the actors for their enthusiastic performance.. 

2. [+5585, -32] I was happy because I was able to watch the drama 'Mr. Sunshine' and because I was able to feel it. I sincerely thank all the people involved 

3. [+5361, -46] A country where because they looked down on skills, looked down on the army, the ordinary people stepped in, grabbed guns and taught them, and volunteered in the front lines and died.... It's not so different from now.... I hope they pull out the chinilpas at least now so that they can release our ancestors' sorrow.... ㅜㅜ

4. [+3556, -30] It was sad and tragic.

5. [+2465, -109] Aren't they hanging the flag up backwards because the country was robbed? The day we take it (the country) back, the country will stand straight and the flag will stand straight.. Do you think they did that without knowing? In this type of masterpiece..

6. [+1591, -4] The thing I liked the best about this drama was the part where not only did they make a detailed reference to the Five Eulsa Traitors but also the Seven Jeongmi Traitors. I think that many people probably don't exactly know the Five Eulsa Traitors and probably don't know the Seven Jeongmi Traitors even more. Instead, I think it's important to take shameful history and teach us not to repeat that. 

7. [+1572, -8] This was the best drama of my life.. It was more vivid, beautiful, and heart-aching than any historical movie. While watching the drama, it was my first time thinking about the country. The actors' acting.. And the cinematography plus the directing and the subject matter.. It's a work of art that won't exist again!! Bravo!!

8. [+1486, -9] Until the ending, the drama was to the point where it was the best drama of the year but after the ending, it looks like it's a life drama. The lingering is no joke. During the scene where the train was separating, Kim Tae Ri's sobbing and Lee Byung Hun's acting is really engraved into my mind. And Goo Dong Mae and Kim Hee Sung's last moment was really like that life. Goo Dong Mae was a sad life but because he lived a life where people trampled over anyone and killed them it was sad but it ended pitifully. Kim Hee Sung lived a life where he was confined by his ancestor's wrongdoing so he lived while trying to atone for the wrongdoings but in the end, unlike his ancestors, he died beautifully like his life with nothing in return ㅠㅠ 

9. [+1348, -6] The captions at the end, "See you again in our country that becomes independent", thank you for letting us watch a drama like this... 

10. [+1333, -7] There weren't any kiss scenes but the love story was stronger than any other drama... 

1. [+798, -3] It was a masterpiece... 

2. [+430, -2] I would like to thank the members of the Righteous Army and independence fighters who let Korea exist until now, we can't let this drama end as a drama but need to make sure to receive a formal apology from Japan 

3. [+407, -2] Only Ae Shin survived but Yoo Jin, Dong Mae, Yang Hwa, and Hee Sung are all precious and are all alive in my heart. Starting from Righteous Army leader Hwang Eun San to Gunner Jang, Haman-daek, Haengrang, and all the Righteous Army members whose name we don't know, thank you. Those people are the history itself.. Goodbye.. See you again.. 

4. [+300, -4] This is the all-time best drama of my forty year life, it deserves to be called a drama

5. [+237, -1] I think it'll be hard for me to re-watch the last episode. Because my heart hurts..

6. [+56, -1] It's the best drama of all time, no it's passes a drama and it's a movie. It's a really deep drama that made me realize that Japan was a country like that and thanks to the members of the Righteous Army, we're able to live in a country that regained its independence, thank you 

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