Thursday, September 20, 2018

[Post-Drama Interview] Im Soo Hyang reveals that she initially felt burdened with playing a 20-year-old college student

On the drama wrapping up, the actress said, "While working on 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty', I was really happy and myself, as well, learned a lot through this drama and received healing and I hoped the viewers did as well." The actress also touched up on the fact that many people expressed that they're waiting for a second season and they're feeling a lot of lingering, "It hasn't been long since our drama ended but many people are saying that they're waiting for a second season and that there's a lot lingering. I also really want to feel that lingering. First of all, I really wanted to say thank you very much for the love."

The original webtoon received a lot of love and after news broke out about the drama adaptation, many netizens were curious about who was going to play the role of Kang Mi Rae. Playing the role of a plastic surgery beauty can be burdensome for actors. On this topic, Im Soo Hyang said, "At the beginning, I was burdened. There was the surgery but twenty years old? Can I [play that role]? People always say I look mature and that picture with Park Bo Young-ssi too. Because I had thoughts wondering if I could do this [the role], I said I couldn't do it. But I'm a fan of the original work. I read the original work and the character of Mi Rae, looking past the plastic surgery set-up, is really lovable. As an actor, it's a character you want. If you look at it another way, throughout the past, I've played a psychopath, a killer yakuza, gisaeng so I thought, 'Why can't I play this role?'. So that's why I did it and I think I made the right decision. Many people liked it and were able to relate to it so I'm thankful."

The interviewer asked if she tends to pay a lot of attention to her appearance and she revealed, "I pay a lot of attention to it too. I go to the dermatologist and exercise. Maintaining is my job so I can't do anything about it. I have to show a good image. But we're actors and we have to show our acting but sometimes, I work really hard at acting but they don't see things like that and focus on the external things and I get sad."

1. [+633, -26] You didn't look out of place and I liked it 

2. [+344, -28] Looking past the drama, it was her real character ㅋㅋㅋㅋ her character in real life ㅋㅋ

3. [+282, -12] She was just Kang Mi Rae~ Her acting skills are the best

4. [+179, -8] I became a fan after watching the drama!!! Her acting was a perfect match~

Original Source (tenasia via Naver): Im Soo Hyang, "I'm going to love myself even more now"

tenasia: Kang Mi Rae grows by learning that your appearance doesn't guarantee happiness. What about you? Did you grow along with Kang Mi Rae?
  • Im Soo Hyang: Yes. I knew my worth and I think that if I love myself then others will look at me with worth. It's not just the pain I received but I also thought about the pain I inflicted on others. Now, I'm going to love myself a bit more. Then others will be able to love me too. 

1. [+255, -2] Mi Rae, good job~~

2. [+178, -2] You're really good at acting

3. [+82, -3] Thank you so much for playing the role of Mi Rae and be happy

4. [+75, -5] It's the only drama I watched but now I have nothing to watch ㅠㅠ Soo Hyang looks prettier with long hair so I hoped that she would come out with long hair but.. I was happy for two months, thank you for your work and have fun in Cebu~~ (t/n: the drama's team is going to Cebu for their vacation)