Thursday, September 27, 2018

[Post-Drama Interview] Actor Kim Nam Hee of 'Mr. Sunshine' looks back at his role as Takashi Mori

Original Source (tenasia via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Kim Nam Hee, "I have to surpass Takashi"

tenasia: "How did you come to appear on 'Mr. Sunshine'?"
  • Kim Nam Hee: Last summer, I went to audition. While conversing with director Lee Eung Bok, the acting came out naturally. At first, I did a free performance but I did a monologue from the play 'Hamlet'. I think he enjoyed it, he told me it was a role of a Japanese and asked me to perform the lines written in Korean in the Japanese I know. Because I don't know any Japanese, I just used all the words I know and just saved the vibe (laughs). He told me that he wanted to hear the tone of my voice when I spoke Japanese. That's why I ended up with the role of Mori Takashi. 

tenasia: The director must've liked the way you spoke Japanese. 
  • Kim Nam Hee: After completing the audition, the other production crew said, "Director Lee Eung Bok has never had this long of a conversation with an unknown actor before filming." They tipped me off that, "You might get the role of Takashi". I was also curious. 

tenasia: You didn't think that you were going to get the role of a Japanese, right?
  • Kim Nam Hee: I didn't know at all. It was to the point where I was thinking, "Why was I chosen?". After giving me the role of Takashi, he told me that I was Eugene Choi's friend and I was going to see him again as an enemy. At that time, the script wasn't released at all. 

tenasia: Before the drama, have you ever learned Japanese?
  • Kim Nam Hee: Not at all (laughs). The production staff stressed the importance of it. It might've not been their intention to burden me but they said that my co-star is Lee Byung Hun sunbae-nim and said, "Do you think you can do well?", at that time something like pride developed. I said, "Of course, I feel like it's going to be fun? I can do well"...Haha. During the first filming, I was overwhelmed by Lee Byung Hun sunbae-nim (laughs). I can't speak Japanese and because there's significance to the role, I felt special but I thought, what do I do now? I felt stuck.   

tenasia: In the future, as an actor, I'm curious about your goal and direction.
  • Kim Nam Hee: I think the criteria for the next work will be if I'm going to play a bad guy or not. Next time, I hope I can play a role that speaks Korean rather than a foreign language (laughs). Who would have thought that I would talk about goals like this, I didn't know that I would be this desperate for our language. Haha. The viewers who saw Takashi must've been inscribed [by the character]. I feel like if I don't work hard enough to make them forget about Takashi then I'll be confined by Takashi for a long time. My goal is to become a star that's good at acting. I want to become an excellent actor who touches hearts. My dream is to be an actor who leaves good works even though time passes and makes masterpieces.  

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