Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A few celebrities express their support for the Jang Ja Yeon case

On the 17th, comedian Shim Jin Hwa uploaded on her Instagram a post with the caption, "I truly support you. I'm sorry for the excuse, "I don't know how to participate". I'm supporting the reinvestigation! I truly hope that Jang Ja Yeon-nim can at least smile in heaven."

On the 19th, actress Goo Hye Sun uploaded on her Instagram a still cut from 'Boys Over Flowers' where Jang Ja Yeon is in the background. The caption said, "Unni who always filled my hands with hand warmers. I'm sad I don't have a single photo with unni. Rest comfortably in heaven. You're a beautiful person."

Comedian Kim Won Hyo, who's Shim Jin Hwa's husband, posted, "That's right, your words are right. I support you! You caaa~n't not reveal it!!!"

Actress Kim Hyang Gi showed her support by liking the post regarding the case. 

1. [+6334, -16] We want a reinvestigation of Jang Ja Yeon's case!  

2. [+2584, -7] Let's help so it doesn't become a lonely fight... 

3. [+2085, -13] We need to extend the statute of limitations!

4. [+1320, -6] We must reinvestigate Jang Ja Yeon's case no matter what. No matter what!

5. [+752, -6❗Reinvestigate Jang Ja Yeon https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/559071?navigation=petitions❗Request to reinvestigate the death of Chosun Ilbo major stockholder CEO Bang's wife https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/549574?page=1❗Jang Ja Yeon's list, Kim Hak Eui's sexual assault https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/564575?page=1❗A second request of 500,000 to install a Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/545372