Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kim Sang Kyo appears at the police station, expresses his gratitude to the nation for their support

t/n: You can read about what happened to Kim Sang Kyo at Burning Sun here - X (cr. ddoboja).

1. [+11663, -678] South Korea's hero
↪ [+177, -17] We seriously need to give him an award

2. [+5292, -49] I feel like he probably didn't expect that it would become this big.  

3. [+4947, -109] He did a good thing but he should be careful walking at night... I feel like even if he calls the police, they won't dispatch the police... Because the country is such trash... 

4. [+1875, -182] You are a patriot!

5. [+1664, -49] The second representative for the butterfly effect ㅠㅜ I support you

6. [+1584, -10] Seriously I feel like if they just skimmed over this, Seungri would've still come out on 'I Live Alone' as Seungtsby ㄷㄷㄷ Women would've still been sexually assaulted through date rape drugs.. I'm thankful to Kim Sang Kyo would had courage