Monday, March 11, 2019

Jung Joon Young accused of filming and distributing illegal hidden camera footage in group chat

Original Source (SBS via Naver): [Exclusive] Jung Joon Young, after filming illegal hidden camera footage, sends it to KakaoTalk group chat...At least 10 victims

1. [+24529, -159] Imprisonement and retiring from the industry is the answer...

2. [+24541, -313] A person like this, it's not enough that for five years, he came out in a variety show that the entire family watches... We need to close KBS's doors who let him come out on the show again even after the hidden camera blew up (t/n: They're talking about a similar scandal he was involved in 2016, that scandal was also regarding hidden camera footage). Crazy show that gave a sex offender bastard appearance fees every month using taxpayer money.

3. [+13314, -244] Physiognomy is science.... Starting from his eye gaze, it was improper (t/n: 관상 (gwansang) is literally translated as physiognomy but it's assessing someone's character/personality using their facial features - there's a movie called 'The Face Reader' that starred Song Kang Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, that's about this subject)
↪ [+709, -11] There was sex mania and voyeurism in his gaze

4. [+12020, -135] I'm not even surprised that you did something like that. But a few years ago, when the same issue blew up, you cosplayed as a victim and you wandered around, and after it quiet down, you returned and came out on TV with a smiling face - it's disgusting how you're eating and living with that money 

5. [+7329, -156] Wow he's completely trash, it's chilling - the scandal that came out last time didn't come out for no reason 

6. [+4843, -31] Whether or not he partook in a lot of sexual activity, that's his personal life but filming it and secretly spreading that video is undoubtedly a crime. That's also a habit, the nature of the crime is really bad. I hope he gets punished and gets what he deserves.