Thursday, March 21, 2019

[Partial Article Translation] Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae says celebrities shouldn't have special privilege

During this interview, actor Lee Soon Jae touched on the topic about people feeling like celebrities have a privilege. The veteran actor said, "What special privilege do celebrities have? There are a lot of people who misunderstand these days. Our occupations require attention. And to do that, you each need to work hard. The most important thing is to do good acting and to make good songs. The actions of celebrities itself has influence. You're not a public figure but you have to play the role of a public figure and you need to be careful of your actions. The social controversies that are currently an issue shouldn't be happening. Idols are basically being idolized by young children these days. So they need to be even more careful of their every move. This is the same thing for Seungri's case. I don't know why they did things like that. They need to thoroughly self-manage themselves. You also have to overcome the temptation around you."

On the topic of young actors, Lee Soon Jae said, "I think young actors need to continue practicing/studying acting a bit. No matter how young, how popular of a young actor you are, if you grow older, the roles you can play decreases and the fans you have also decrease. If it doesn't become a certain study then you can't acknowledge it. You need ideal acting abilities so that you don't get swayed by that. Actors these days succeeded when it comes to being an occupation where you earn money. But their acting skills still have a far way to go. I think you need to look past money and focus on the acting skills, so that in the future you can maintain the livelihood of an actor. You need to dig into acting more professionally." 

1. [+1732, -12] These are words that'll set a good example

2. [+748, -16] Proper words. If I can add a word, he's not a bastard who won't do it because he was stopped from doing it but his parents are also have a lot of problems - wouldn't a normal parent try to stop their child, who's a famous idol worldwide, when they say they want to start a big nightclub in the middle of Gangnam, it wasn't even a small bar? In our country, bars and clubs are definitely in bad areas so it's filled with problematic things but if their child who's a famous idol said they want to do one, it would be normal to stop them but I heard his mom was a trustee? Because they're so blinded by greed, they didn't know that it would kill their son (his career) *tsk, tsk*

3. [+628, -11] These words are a hundred times correct! I hope all celebrities learn a bit from grandpa Soon Jae's thinking,, Stay healthy for a long, long time and definitely don't get sick! 

4. [+365, -6] Also with what he said during the award ceremony in the past, there's nothing wrong in God Soon Jae-nim's words