Thursday, March 7, 2019

Comedian Ryu Dam loses weight to pursue his dream in acting

t/n: He used to come out on 'Gag Concert' in the 달인 skit with Kim Byung Man. He lost a total of 40kg! This was him before the weight lost:

1. [+11223, -140] He always seemed like he would be handsome but after losing weight, he really looks a lot better

2. [+4576, -46] As expected, the best plastic surgery is a diet ㅎ

3. [+3457, -59] He lost weight but he doesn't look old
↪ [+266, -1] Instead he looks younger!

4. [+2781, -57] His looks came to life because he lost weight

5. [+1309, -50] He succeeded without using magical scissors (t/n: They're talking about surgery / going under the knife)... Let's meet with a good drama~ 

6. [+385, -4] He has a good impression. And it's a good face to be an actor with