Thursday, April 18, 2019

'4 Wheeled Restaurant' perfectly erases every trace of Jung Joon Young in their recent episode

1. [+1106, -4] You're saying he was originally inside today's episode...?

2. [+606, -7] CJ is good at editing - you also couldn't see him on 'Salty Tour', you couldn't even tell that he was there 

3. [+369, -4] You couldn't even tell ㅋ The jjajangmyeon looks yummy ㅜㅜ  

4. [+351, -7] The editing is daebak!

5. [+281, -6] There wasn't a trace of Jung Joon Young. I think they perfectly erased him ㅎ

6. [+193, -0] Because of a single criminal bastard, I wonder how many all-nighters the staff pulled. Thank you for your hard work - while watching, it was really fun and nothing was unpleasant