Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Han Hye Jin reveals that she enjoyed people's reactions for her modeling episodes on 'I Live Alone'

t/n: Han Hye Jin revealed that she felt more responsibility as a model because she got one step closer to the public through variety shows, "Through 'I Live Alone', every time I did an episode as a professional, as model Han Hye Jin, people's reactions were really funny. A job that I did so normally can look unfamiliar to others. But I have thoughts like, "That's right, maybe modeling isn't my everything so maybe I can let go of it to become a bit more comfortable?" But I contemplate as usual and keep going back and forth [with the idea]. Because of that, I think that when I become model Han Hye Jin, I can't help but work harder". 

1. [+1193, -38] Han Hye Jin looks really close to the members - they both left and Han Hye Jin meets up with them often and whenever they post on Instagram, she leaves a comment, I think she's especially close with Si Eon, Narae, and Kian 

2. [+599, -69] Seriously after Han Hye Jin left, there's no person who responses 

3. [+453, -31] Wow as expected, a model is a model... She looks good

4. [+393, -40] After watching 'Conversations with Hee Yeol', she's really professional and I felt once again that she's a person with deep thoughts ㅎㅎ

5. [+270, -22] Wow look at her muscles, that's seriously a body that was made from immense maintaining