Friday, June 28, 2019

Rapper Bill Stax (VASCO) sues actress Park Hwan Hee for defamation regarding parenting their child

Bill Stax/VASCO's reps revealed that he and actress Park Hwan Hee had an uncontested divorce in 2013. According to BS/VASCO's reps, "During this time, Park Hwan Hee gave up her parental rights and custody and as responsibility for being a mother, she agreed to pay child support of 900,000 won a month but she hasn't. She hasn't tried to meet the son for over five years and she began to see him after their (VASCO and his girlfriend's) suggestion. Bill Stax/VASCO is suing for defamation because Park Hwan Hee spread false information regarding their family on her social media.

1. [+11937, -211] I'm not sure who Park Hwan Hee is but I can't shield someone who doesn't pay child support, whether it's a man or a woman - they need to be shitted on. She didn't raise the child for five years and she didn't pay child support, it's not enough even if she's publicly shamed. But Bill Stax? I don't know why he came up with that name. It's not like he's Home Tax, the tax receipt? I thought it was a name for a tax program.....;;;;

2. [+5780, -136] She comes out a lot these days in dramas as a supporting role. Even if it's not the full 50 million won, she's still capable of paying a portion of it? I understand why her ex-husband is angry like that.
↪ [+48,- 135] Money is an issue but she must've not wanted to be associated (with the kid). Because she doesn't like the image of a divorcee with a kid. 
↪ [+322, -5] If you watch her Instagram Live, she has designer unboxing and a car
↪ [+475, -3] Isn't it obvious to pay child support? Is it alright to not pay child support if you don't want to be associated? You're saying things that makes no sense ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↪ [+237, -1] If she didn't want to be associated then she shouldn't have had the kid ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ You hella sound like a moron

3. [+5748, -1270] It ended with the child's mother giving up her parental rights 
↪ [+5748, -1270] Hey you bastard, does it end with you just giving birth to a child? I shouldn't take part in the couple's problem but if you have a kid, it's your duty to be responsible until the end
↪ [+620, -10] Giving up custody is different from giving up parental rights

4. [+4232, -124] First of all, I've seen Park Hwan Hee's Instagram Live, she brags about her designer things and her car, it kinda doesn't match her drama image...... I kinda was like "what the", till now, even if Park Hwan Hee was saying this and that, Bill Stax was staying quiet so I thought what Park Hwan Hee was saying was true but it doesn't seem like that's right 

5. [+2361, -229] The girl's a bitch 

6. [+1226, -14] You dumb journalist, did you have to use that picture of Bill Stax for a heavy subject like this (t/n: this is the picture they used - X)

7. [+952, -13] So this is why VASCO's girlfriend was talking shit about Park Hwan Hee on Instagram? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It wasn't wrong of her to say that she (Park Hwan Hee) was now pretending to be a mom