Sunday, June 23, 2019

Viewers worry about news anchor Kim Joo Ha's health as she gets drenched in sweat during her news coverage

t/n: She released a statement and explained that she was suffering from a stomachache. Here's a YouTube link for the news coverage, she was literally drenched in sweat.

1. [+1982, -65] I was wondering what happened because she suddenly appeared on the search rankings.. I hope we can see you on the news tomorrow looking healthy ^^ 

2. [+1285, -11] A news anchor is also a person~ They can be sick! Please take good care of your health

3. [+777, -15] I hope she's okay.. Imagine how hard it was for her, I feel bad for her thinking about it.

4. [+732, -11] She's a professional.. She's sweating like that but it's amazing but your health is the best so get better and please return~