Thursday, June 20, 2019

Han Hye Jin captivates netizens and celebrities with her nude photoshoot

t/n: Han Hye Jin revealed that she began preparing her body for this photoshoot two months ago. Celebrity reactions on her Instagram post includes:
  • Park Narae - "Ah giant unni is cool, it was worth not drinking alcohol"
  • Lee Si Eon - "You really became Dhalsim"
  • Model Lee Hyun - "Wow!!!"
  • Veteran model Lee Sora - "Outstanding!!" 
1. [+6303, -71] She's really cool... On one hand, it seems like an artwork 

2. [+2861, -82] It doesn't even look vulgar- All I can say is that it's cool~~~~

3. [+1824, -31] I acknowledge that it's artistic! *in awe, in awe*

4. [+1364, -46] Seriously, even when a woman sees it, it's cool 

5. [+571, -30] It's really cool

1. [+6817, -144] She's cool. As excepted, there's nothing free in life - when you just look at her she seems like a cool and strong unni but when she's modeling, her eye gaze changes when the camera turns on, she's really cool

2. [+3544, -69] Words like "she's cool" fits her more than words like "she's pretty". Even though she shows us her funny side on variety shows, as expected, she shines in her field.

3. [+1534, -60] You're cool! You're really a professional~~~ ^^ 

4. [+1068, -62] Han Hye Jin is pretty and cool and I support her but isn't it wrong that Yang Hyun Suk is disappearing from the main page? Naver-nim, who's a stockholder of YG?

5. [+850, -74] She's a really cool woman! 

6. [+390, -15] This is the first nude project that doesn't make me feel like it's suggestive or obscene. It's beautiful