Thursday, May 7, 2020

[Article Translation] Actress Go Bo Gyeol reflects on her acting career and reveals how she got prepared for her role in 'Hi Bye Mama'

Go Bo Gyeol sat down with 'Han Bam' and looked back at her performance in 'Hi Bye, Mama!' and her acting career.

After 10 years since her debut as an actress, Go Bo Gyeol starred in her first leading role in tvN's 'Hi Bye, Mama!' and through this drama, she showed off her excellent acting abilities. 

It was her first time playing the role of a mother and in order to be immersed in the role, she revealed that she wrote a baby book for her child in the drama, Seo Woo (t/n: a baby book is like a daily log/journal new moms write their reflections in while raising a child). In the interview, the actress read a portion of the baby book, "Seo Woo was about to plug in an outlet with her wet hands. I was so surprised. I found myself so pathetic and was sad that I was distracted. I can't become a good mom even if I try hard." She added that she decided to write a baby book in order to feel the emotions that the character would've felt. 

The actress also revealed her special connection to Kim Tae Hee before they starred in this drama. The special connection is that 17 years ago, Go Bo Gyeol played the role of a pedestrian in the drama 'Screen' that starred Kim Tae Hee and Gong Yoo. She said that although she couldn't see Kim Tae Hee's face when she appeared as an extra in 'Screen', she felt sentimental when she reunited with Kim Tae Hee as her co-star.

After starting acting in middle school, she played approximately 100 minor roles. The interviewer asked if there were times where she felt impatient since she's been acting for a while and Go Bo Gyeol said, "Among big or small roles, there are sunbaes who really shine brightly. So it made me think that, 'Ah, the important thing is the direction and not the speed. If I decide with certainty on what kind of actor I want to be and what kind of acting I want to do then that path of process becomes more meaningful and wouldn't it make me happier?' I want to become an actress that people can trust to watch."  

You can watch the interview here, it's broken up into clips but there's no subs ㅠ.ㅠ: clip where she talks about the baby book + clip where she talks about what kind of actress she wants to become.

1. [+776 / -45] The whole time I watched 'Hi Bye, Mama!', I was in awe while looking at Go Bo Gyeol-nim's face... Her vibe is so pretty too..... I hope she comes out more often here and there ˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣

2. [+685 / -35] I like her pretty and kind impression. I support her working hard ^^

3. [+545 / -27] She has a pretty but handsome vibe. I wish you all the success! 

4. [+39 / -3] I feel like she kinda looks like Kim Tae Ri

5. [+32 / -2] She kinda gives off Kim Tae Ri vibes too 

6. [+30 / -3] Her image is a bit similar to Kim Tae Ri 

 🥺 🥺 🥺
she's seriously one of my favorite actresses 💜
up until 'Hi Bye, Mama!', she played smaller roles and i found her acting really memorable in 'Goblin'
i hope she thrives more cause she really is a good actress
and let's never her amazing, chic style in 'Hi Bye, Mama'
ugh bless her and her stylist

what she said about the direction being more important than the speed really resonated with me ㅠ.ㅠ
i think there are times where we really feel the results to something (e.g. project, job, diet) don't match up to how much effort we put into something or we compare ourselves and our progress to other people's
but i really agree, the direction you're heading to is more important than the speed so we can't let it get to us or let the impatience get to us....